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Bellefit Has Been Absolutely Amazing | Bellefit Postpartum Girdle
Kari M.

Delivery Type Natural Birth
Body Shape Hourglass
Weight Gained 33
Pre-Pregnancy Weight 111
Highest Pregnancy Weight 144
Her Experience

The Bellefit Dual Closure Girdle was AMAZING!

I wore it starting two days after giving birth, the day I came home from the hospital.

I only needed to wear it for about five weeks.

I was super impressed with how fast my waistline shrank just in a matter of days!

The pictures are the day before I gave birth, two days after giving birth, and then after using Bellefit.

I was able to fit in my normal jeans again in just a couple of weeks!!

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Kari Used

Bellefit helps women lose the post baby belly by compressing the body during the childbirth recovery process.