Kimberly K.

Abdominal Binder After Pregnancy Results


After Birth

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Delivery TypeBody ShapeWeight GainedPre-Pregnancy WeightHighest Pregnancy Weight
Natural BirthHourglass40130170

Kimberly K.

At first I was skeptical of spending $135 on a girdle; Is it worth it? Will I even wear it? Will it work? Must be false advertising.

But honestly I’m so glad I invested in this girdle.

I wear it everyday all day from the time I wake up until night time. I know you can sleep in it but it’s easier for me to wear it 12hrs a day.

I found out I was pregnant with Spontaneous Triplets in December of 2015 and thought my body is going to be ruined.

I ordered my abdominal binder after pregnancy and as soon as I delivered I have been wearing it ever since.

I haven’t started exercising yet, just walking. The photos speak for themselves.

Choosing and Sizing

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