5 Best Ways to Lose Weight After a C-Section (#3 is the Most Effective)

Now it’s true that an abdominal surgery is not a minor thing. Your body goes through a lot after childbirth. And cesarean deliveries tend to be more demanding than the normal ones. It’s because the former involves an incision as part of the procedure. But when it’s time to get moving to shed that belly fat, there’s nothing that can come in your way. So here are the 5 best ways to lose weight after a C-section. Once your incision wound has healed completely and you feel physically stronger, don’t wait for anything else. Now is the right moment to lose those extra kilos and look/feel fit again!

5 Best Ways to Lose Weight After a C-Section

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#1 Eat Healthy

What better way to begin your day than by consuming a healthy breakfast! This first meal provides your body with all the energy it requires to prevent fatigue. You can choose to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. But don’t skip meals. Your body demands nutrient-rich foods that contain tons of minerals and vitamins. But without a high-calorie content! So feel free to incorporate pasta, rice, and whole grains into your diet. And ditch everything that consists of refined grains. It goes without saying that fresh vegetables and fruits are also an excellent option. For protein, you can pick lean meats, fish, nuts, and eggs. Dairy products with low-fat content are not such a bad idea.
5 Best Ways to Lose Weight After a C-Section
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#2 Breastfeed the Baby

The majority of moms know that breastfeeding the baby helps in losing weight. That’s because your body is burning most of the extra calories by providing nourishment to the newborn. The fact is that breastfeeding mothers shed more weight than the ones who don’t. Especially during the first three postpartum months! In that case, you’re bound to lose more weight if you continue breastfeeding for as long as 4-6 months. This answers the question; how long does it take to lose weight after a C section? It’s amazing how your body sheds weight without having to make much of an effort. All you need to do is follow a normal diet. Eat only when hungry and you’ll see the fat disappearing slowly.
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#3 Start Exercising

Before I talk about how to lose weight quickly after a C Section, here’s something you ought to know. It’s advisable to put on postpartum underwear if you decide to begin exercising during heavy bleeding. Even otherwise, the underwear works wonders when it comes to dealing with postpartum bleeding. And that too in the most comfortable and mess-free manner! Now, let’s get to the part that defeats any 5 best ways to lose weight after a C-section. There’s nothing better than physical movement and training as far as weight loss is concerned. But please take it slow. You can start by going for short walks. Walking after abdominal childbirth surgery prevents blood clots and speeds healing. It’s safe to indulge in a moderate workout after two months of recovery. So feel free to engage in toning and aerobic exercises. Walking, biking, swimming, and jogging are also great workouts. Even abdominal exercises are quite effective at such times. Increasing the amount of physical activity and consuming fewer calories should go hand in hand. Such a lifestyle contributes to losing weight like nothing else. And it’s a completely safe approach even during the breastfeeding phase.

#4 Limit Unhealthy Eating

The goal is not to stop indulging in delectable desserts. Because that’s unachievable and unrealistic! Instead, try to reduce the consumption. Candy, ice-cream, cookies, and cake contain abundant amounts of calories, sugar, and saturated fat. So don’t consume too much of it. On the other hand, try to eliminate salty snacks like potato chips. Each time you get such a craving, try eating some fresh vegetables and fruits. Likewise, avoid juice, soda, and sugary beverages. The calories and sugar content of these drinks simply keep adding up. Thus, preventing your body from getting rid of the extra pounds!
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#5 Remain Hydrated

It’s impossible to not achieve the average weight loss after C section if you keep your body hydrated. Breastfeeding mothers require extra water for milk production. No wonder it’s advisable for them to consume vegetables and fruits with increased water content. It helps in fighting belly fat. What water does is fill up the tummy. So the chances of mindless snacking when not hungry are quite low. Also, the relation between hydration and obesity is a strong one. The more you keep your body hydrated, the less inclined you are toward becoming obese. But not everybody likes to drink so much water, right? In that case, don’t hesitate to jazz it up. You can add lemon, lime, or fresh mint to the glass of water. You won’t believe how delicious cucumber water tastes! Other options include green tea or foods like lettuce, celery, cucumber, and watermelon.

Over to You!

So these are the 5 best ways to lose weight after a C-section. They are not the easiest, except for #2, which requires you to make the least effort. But each and every method is highly effective. It has worked for many women around the globe. So there’s no reason why they won’t work for you once you set your mind to it. As soon as your doctor gives you the green light, you can stop thinking about losing weight and actually do it. The process may be long and slightly physically demanding. But the rewards are even greater. So I hope my post has motivated you to get moving. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and opinion below in the comments section. Thank you for reading. Take care, mommies! About the author: Barbara Davis is the creator of Mom Trusted Choice. She started the blog to talk about the tears, laughter, struggle, and fun that are a part of motherhood. Her focus is to curate articles that provide a great deal of assistance in most practical aspects of pregnancy and parenting. There are plenty of posts revolving around common topics that to-be moms and moms search for online. Sources:
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