International Model Rose Bertram Sees Rapid Results Post Baby with Bellefit Corset

International Model Rose Bertram Sees Rapid Results Post Baby with Bellefit Corset

When International model Rose Bertram delivered a healthy baby girl on February 24, she was – and still is – at the prime of her modeling career. Although life in front of the camera began 10 years ago, Bertram’s rising stardom was most recently seen on several magazine covers, including Glamour, Esquire and Vogue. As a model, her job is to look amazing, so Rose Bertram wore a Post Baby Corset to Recover After Pregnancy.

As a pregnant mother, Bertram, like most new moms, found herself stressing over the changes she was seeing.

Rose Bertram Vogue
Photo Credit: Rose Bertram Instagram

“You usually ask yourself the question if you’ll be able to get back in shape,” she posted to her Facebook page. “Well, I was kinda stressed, as it is also my job to be in shape.”

She recognized that each journey is personal, with some bodies bouncing back to their pre-pregnancy shapes much quicker than others, but she was eager to take the first step for herself.

Rose Bertram Pregnant
Photo Credit: Rose Bertram Instagram

About Bellefit Maternity

Bellefit Maternity understands the physical and emotional toll pregnancy and delivery can have on new moms. That’s why, in 2008, founder Cynthia Suarez developed the company’s first girdle, in response to her own adult daughter’s postpartum suffering.

The company’s girdles are different than most on the market, offering leading medical grade products that support and comfort moms. The compression provided by Bellefit Postpartum Girdles and Corsets quickly and comfortably reduce the pregnancy-related excess weight or skin, improve posture, eliminate back pain and allow for an overall faster recovery for the postpartum woman.

How Did Rose Learn About Bellefit Girdle

Bertram, who’s been with Dutch soccer player Gregory van der Wiel since 2013, discovered the Bellefit benefits five days after giving birth to Naleya Rose.

Rose Bertram and husband
Photo Credit: Rose Bertram Instagram

“When Naleya was born, I needed support for my belly because it felt weak and, as a mom, you don’t get a break,” she said. “You have to take care of your baby and yourself. I wore the Bellefit Corset and it did two amazing things for me: It made me feel supported and it helped me get my belly back in shape in record time!”

Rose Bertram recovery
Photo Credit: Rose Bertram Instagram

Bellefit Results

She began wearing a size large, sized down to a medium very quickly and was wearing a small in a matter of just 30 days. Bertram has an impressive social media presence and, at just five days postpartum, posted a photo on Instagram showing her nearly flat tummy, along with a second photo wearing the Bellefit corset. Just five days later, at 10 days postpartum, Bertram was thrilled to post a story to Instagram, amazed at the rapid results.

Rose Bertram results with bellefit
Photo Credit: Rose Bertram Instagram

“Thanks to Bellefit Maternity, I got some good results being five days postpartum,” she said. “Wearing this corset has helped me put everything back into place, as well as giving me great recovery!”

As an added bonus, she said that a combination of coconut oil and the gentle pressure of the corset also helped her stretch marks nearly disappear, which will certainly benefit her modeling career, as well as her future in the film industry, an ambition that she plans to pursue.

hot Rose Bertram
Photo Credit: Rose Bertram Instagram

Rose Bertram encourages new moms to try the Bellefit products after giving birth. Those who do can enter her special code, rose20, for $20 off at

Bellefit Products

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