Mothers Be Prepared, Use an Abdominal Binder After C-Section

Mother with newborn

Ask any mother if she remembers the pain of childbirth and most will put on a smile and sweetly share that the moment she laid eyes on her precious little one, there was no need for painkillers.

A few weeks later, when the warm surge of adrenaline wears off, ask again and her story will change – especially if she is one of the country’s 1.2 million women who has undergone a Cesarean delivery.

Abdominal surgery can leave a mother facing unexpected challenges.

C-Sections are Done for Various Reasons:

  • Safety of mom and baby,
  • As the result of a difficult previous vaginal delivery or,
  • Simply because scheduling it is easier.


c-section scar
C-Section Scar
C-Section Surger
C-Section Surgery

Preparing for Labor and Recovery for a Second Child

Just ask Chelsea. After going into labor at just 32 weeks with her first child, an emergency C-section caused her to suffer unbearable pain. Even walking around the grocery store was difficult, Sometimes I had to get a wheelchair to get around because I was in so much pain.

Chelsea wasn’t aware, at the time, of anything that could make her recovery quicker and easier, but for her second time around, she was determined to be prepared. She began researching products that would help aid in her postpartum recovery.

She came home three days after delivering her second child and immediately put on an Bellefit abdominal binder designed for women who have undergone birth through a C-section.

I just felt so much better,” she said. “I felt like I was able to walk around, get up and down the stairs a lot easier – even laughing, I didn’t feel like my stitches were gonna come out when I was wearing my girdle.

Reducing C-Section Discomfort with a Reinforced Layer of Support

Abdominal Binder After C-Section alleviates pain.

The pain associated with a delivery through abdominal surgery often is focused in the back, since the incision can make it difficult to sit or stand up straight. girdle after c-section allows new moms to experience a free range of motion — both sitting down and standing up — while also applying just enough pressure on the incision to take discomfort away.

Not only does the use of a stomach binder after c-section alleviate pain for new moms, it also offers a benefit every woman is grateful for – a flatter tummy.

First Time Mom Recovers with Abdominal Binder After C-Section

A first-time mother, Malva was amazed at how quickly her stomach was back to pre-pregnancy size. After wearing it for just one week.

abdominal binder after c-section results
Malva shows her photo at the peak of her pregnancy, just postpartum, and after wearing a Bellefit Abdominal Binder

“Not only that, the muscles in my belly were starting to feel hard again,” she said. “It was so comfy that I forgot I was wearing it. Another very big plus is that it improved my confidence. I was able to sit, bend over, lay down and I slept wearing it, too.

A faster recovery, with less pain and a flatter tummy? Seems like a no-brainer. Chelsea and Malva both discovered the benefits of using the Bellefit postpartum belly bands after their C-sections.

Life with a new baby can be difficult. Make it simple. Invest in less pain and more confidence by using an abdominal binder after C-section. Your future will thank you.