Abdominal Binder After Pregnancy with Triplets

Abdominal Binder After Pregnancy with Triplets

You have had a confirmed positive pregnancy test from your doctor and it’s time for your first sonogram. You were lucky enough to conceive without fertility treatment, and you’re excited to meet your first child through imaging. It’s obvious this pregnancy is progressing very quickly, but with no basis of comparison, you tell yourself everyone’s body is different.

But this — this was something you never expected. There on the screen, you meet not one, not two, but THREE of the tiny beings growing rapidly in your belly.

Pregnant Belly
Kimberly Pregnant with Triplets

You go through the emotions in a matter of seconds – shock, happiness, excitement and apprehension, all rolled into one half-hour visit with your obstetrician. Three babies!? Will you have the room, the money, the sanity to handle three infants? All crying, feeding, sleeping – NEEDING — at the same time? How will this change your delivery plan? How will this change your body!??

Extremely rare, only a handful of the 4 million babies born in the United States each year are Spontaneous Triplets, or triplets conceived without the use of fertility drugs. When Kimberly K. learned she was pregnant with Spontaneous Triplets in December 2015, she thought her body would be ruined.

Weakening & Separation of the Abdominal Muscles?

Diastasis Recti causes separation of abdominal muscles
Diastasis Recti after childbirth

Kimberly was skeptical of spending money on an abdominal binder for after pregnancy without knowing for certain that the benefits would be worth the cost. It must be false advertising, she thought.
Diastasis recti is common not only after a solo pregnancy, but with three scrambling for room, the condition is significantly more difficult to manage after delivery. The separation of the abdominal muscle, which can be identified while pregnant or after birth, causes back pain and a weak abdominal wall.

“But, honestly, I’m so glad I invested in this girdle,” Kimberly said. “I wear it every day, all day, from the time I wake up until nighttime. I know you can sleep in it, but it’s easier for me to wear it 12 hours a day.”

Better Healing with an Abdominal Binder After Pregnancy

Results After Wearing a Bellefit Girdle

Kimberly began wearing her abdominal binder after pregnancy as soon as she delivered and has been wearing it ever since.
“Wearing it all day will increase the benefits and help heal better, as there is compression on the stomach all day, allowing everything to get back into place,” Kimberly said.

Walking is the only exercise she has done and the photos of her progress speak for themselves.

Abdominal Binder After Pregnancy Results

Closing the Diastasis Gap During 2nd Pregnancy

“I was looking for a product that would help close the gap,” Faith said. “I came across Bellefit! I read the reviews, I loved it, I ordered it and it came right away.”


Faith found out she was pregnant with her second child 22 months after she delivered her first. She tried abdominal exercises for breathing and head tilts, but nothing seemed to close the gap caused by diastasis recti. She was worried her condition would only get worse.

Faith began wearing her abdominal binder right out of the hospital and discovered its amazing benefits immediately. In fact, she was back in her pre-pregnancy clothes just two weeks after delivering her son.

“It is the most comfortable garment that I’ve worn,” she said. “I can wear it all the time – I do – I wear it 24 hours a day, unless I’m washing it. It is a product that I firmly believe in. My family and friends can’t get over how amazing my stomach is, considering how bad it was after my first pregnancy.”

Kimberly and Faith both quickly discovered the benefits of using an abdominal binder after pregnancy. The compression from the girdle tightened their cores, helping everything get back into place. Each also experienced tremendous back support, which helped with comfortably getting out of bed, holding their babies and even breastfeeding.

Bellefit Abdominal Binders

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