Second Time Mom Flattens her Postpartum Tummy in Three Weeks

Second time mom, Linda A. began wearing her first Bellefit girdle upon being discharged from the Hospital. She was able to flatten her postpartum tummy in just three weeks!

“I would highly recommend Bellefit” affirms Linda.

“I purchased a corset in medium and I wore it as soon as I was discharged from the hospital. I wore it 24/7 and only took it off to shower. Within 3 days I was ready for the next size. I wore the corset in small for about a week, again 24/7 only removing it to shower, and after the week I was ready for the next size down. I wore the girdle with the zipper in extra small and wore that for about a week and a half.” recalls the happy mom of two.

“All together it took me about 3 weeks for my pregnancy belly to go down!”

“I am very satisfied with results. This is my second child and with my first it took me months for my belly to go down.” Linda A.

Congratulations Linda!


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