Cesarean Section Definition and Information

Cesarean Section Definition and Information

What is a Cesarean Section?

A Cesarean Section definition according to Miriam and Webster is, “a surgical procedure involving incision of the walls of the abdomen and uterus for delivery of offspring.” This means that the baby is taken out of the mother’s uterus by a surgeon.

Why you may need a Cesarean Section

c-section definition and information
Planned C-Sections have been on the rise for many decades.

While some women may never have to give birth through Cesarean Section, others may only be able to do it in this way. There are several reasons why a mother may have a Cesarean Section. Some mothers may choose to have a C-section, some may develop medical complications that require a Cesarean Section, and others may be rushed into an Emergency Cesarean Section.

Elective Cesarean Section Definition

An elective Cesarean Section is when the pregnant woman chooses to have a Cesarean Section, not because of medical need, but because they would prefer it. Some women may not want to go through the pain of a vaginal birth and so they decide they would rather deliver their baby through Cesarean Section.

Most doctors advocate for women to give birth vaginally, especially if there is not a medical reason for the Cesarean Section. Doctors vary in their thinking on these issues, but all obstetricians are trained as surgeons, so they tend to be quite comfortable with surgical birth.

Planned Cesarean Section Definition

A planned Cesarean Section is when a pregnant woman is advised by her physician that a Cesarean Section would be beneficial for the health of the child or herself. Planned Cesarean Sections are actually quite common, and typically are determined a few months before the due date.

Sometimes there are complications that could lead to problems with a vaginal birth, and in these cases, your doctor will suggest you consider a Cesarean Section.

Some of these problems include:

  • The baby is in an abnormal position
  • The woman is carrying more than one child
  • The baby is too large for vaginal delivery
  • The woman has a medical condition that could lead to problems during vaginal labor. This includes: high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), or herpes in the vaginal area
  • The mother has had a C-section before

Emergency Cesarean Section Definition

An emergency C-section occurs when a woman was planning on having a vaginal birth but complications occurred. Usually, the physician decides to perform a Cesarean Section. Emergency C-Sections often occur when either the mother or the baby is in distress.

Some reasons for an Emergency C-Section include:

  • Labor is not moving as quickly as it should . This usually is if the mother has been in labor for multiple hours and there has been little to no change in dilation.
  • The baby’s heart rate is abnormal. According to Stanford Children’s Health, “the fetal heart rate during labor is a good sign of how well the fetus is handling the contractions of labor. The heart rate is monitored during labor, with the normal range varying between 120 to 160 beats per minute.”
  • Complications involving the placenta
  • Complications involving the umbilical cord

Recovery from C-Section

Recovery from a C-Section is going to be very similar to recovery from a major surgery. You will need to take it slow and steady. Your body knows what it needs to heal - so listen to it. Many doctors will suggest you:

  • take pain medication - as instructed by your doctor
  • avoid sex - this can lead to rupture in the stitches at the incision site, and can also lead to infection
  • avoid strenuous activity - try not to lift anything other than your baby, and try to avoid any twisting movements

A doctor may also suggest you aid your recovery with a postpartum girdle. At Bellefit, we have postpartum girdles designed specifically for women who have had to have a Cesarean Section. These girdles help support your muscles as they strengthen. And they compress the incision site which can relieve pain, and aid your recovery by relieving tension.

But don’t just take our word for it! Feel free to read some glowing reviews from mothers just like you. We know you want to get back to feeling your best, and we want to aid you along the way. Invest in a Bellefit postpartum girdle today and get back to doing the things that matter most.

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