Split Abdominal Muscles After Two Pregnancies

Post in on 2nd October 2017 by Carolina S

My first two pregnancies left me with split abdominal muscles and a gap in confidence.

Once you bring your newborn home, life moves quickly and there becomes little to no time for you, mama.

Diet, exercise, and personal time will probably go out the window as round the clock feedings, stained clothing, and broken sleep become reality. The occasional weekly shower becomes a luxury.

But, with a little preparation and proper postnatal support, the recovery process can be made easier. As well as returning to your pre-baby body sooner.

Prior to delivering Isla, I found Bellefit Maternity, a line of medical grade, postpartum compression girdles.

I am almost 3 weeks postpartum now and the results have been incredible!

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To learn more about Abdominal Muscle Separation visit our Diastasis Recti page.

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