18 Weeks Postpartum Mom Amazed With Her Results

18 Weeks Postpartum Mom Amazed With Her Results

It’s my 18 weeks postpartum and Im honestly still loving my @bellefit.

The girdle is amazing!!

I am surprise how quickly it is helping my tummy get back to normal.

Mommies out there I highly recommend the Girdle Corset!

For purchase use code Twins20 and get $20 Off.

Good Night Loves!

Me: Who is that princess in the mirror?

Her: immediate SMILE

She’s so adorable isn’t she?

For those asking if I wear my @bellefit during the night the answer is YES. I am a little obsessed with the results that I’ve been seeing with my @bellefit so I try to wear it as much as I can.

For $20 discount use code: Twins20

Aquí estoy con mi nipa.

Algo muy importante después de dar a luz es utilizar una buena faja por eso recomiendo mi @bellefit.

Con constancia y paciencia he ido viendo resultados.

Here I am with mi nipa.

Something very important after giving birth is using a good quality girdle. That is why I recommend @Bellefit.

With consistency and patience I am seeing results!

She Used:

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Oct 02, 2017
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