Third Pregnancy Worry – Will I be able to get back in shape after this one?

Third Pregnancy Worry – Third-time Mom Brigitte B. never imagined that a Bellefit Girdle could help her recover so well after her third Pregnancy.

“I had a baby in May and started to really use the Bellefit Postpartum Girdle around two months later. I got really serious about wearing it consistently because I wanted to strengthen my core muscles and close my Diastasis Recti. This was my third pregnancy and I was REALLY worried about not being able to get back into shape after this one. I used the Bellefit Girdle and saw results in just a couple of weeks and in a little over a month of wearing

it, I was feeling REALLY good both wearing the girdle and not wearing it! I haven’t felt this great Postpartum with ANY of my other pregnancies!

I always thought it was a silly concept to be honest, wearing wraps and girdles and things, but now I highly recommend it. My posture is better, my overall form feels better, and I’m just much more confident this time around.

Thank you Bellefit for making a product that works!”~

Brigitte B.

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