Waist Trainers for the Post Baby Belly: Are They Safe?

Sports Waist Trainer natural rubber boxing stance

Safety of Waist Trainers

Yes, waist trainers are safe if used properly. Below are some tips about waist trainers:

  • A waist trainer should feel tight, but it shouldn’t cause pain.
  • If wearing a waist trainer makes you feel dizzy, then it’s probably too tight and should be adjusted.
  • The quality of many waist trainers available is very low. Women often look for more affordable options and forego the safer, less affordable waist trainers.
  • Price matters, but wearing a high quality waist trainer is far more beneficial.

New moms today have a strong emphasis on health, vitality and a having a trim appearance. Women are often less accepting of their mommy tummies than in past generations.

control vest waist trainer black
Mom wearing the Control Vest Waist Trainer in Black

Celebrity moms set unreasonable standards when they show off their shapely and firm bodies just days or weeks after giving birth. How do they do it? Chances are, they are wearing a postpartum waist trainer under that designer gown.

Women wear waist trainers for different reasons and different lengths of time.

The recommended hours of wear per day vary depending on each woman’s needs:

  • For example, a woman with Diastasis Recti will wear her waist trainer for longer periods of time for support.
  • Women with less complicated recoveries will wear their waist trainer for only a few hours a day or during exercise.

History of Waist Training

Waist trainers such as corsets, belly bandages and compression garments have been around since the sixteenth century. These garments seek to diminish the waistline gradually by squeezing the belly.

The squeezing of the belly gives the appearance of a trim waistline. Unfortunately, the level of compression used back in those times was too strong and unsafe.

In the sixteenth century Corsets were made with unsafe materials including:

  • Lace
  • Wood
  • Whalebone
  • Metal
  • Fabric

These materials helped women achieve their 16″ waistline but also caused a number of health problems.

Waist trainers from those days caused organs to be significantly compressed and rearranged. This extreme compression put pressure on the diaphragm, ribs and lungs to the point that women would faint. This was a very high price to pay for beauty.
Today there are safe and hygienic waist trainers available. Waist trainers come in a variety of fabrics, compression levels and are designed to fit all body shapes and sizes. But are they safe?

Modern Trainers for Everyday Wear and Active Women

Effect of Wearing Compression Waist Trainers or Corsets on the Post Baby Body

Belly Back in Place | Bellefit Postpartum Corsets and Girdles
Results of wearing a Bellefit Girdle after Childbirth
  • Waist trainers today are made with a variety of materials.
  • Some manufacturers use rubber or latex which can cause allergic reactions in some women.
  • Women recovering from a C-section should consider their delicate incision area when choosing a waist trainer. It may be better to start out with a Postpartum Corset and then move to a waist trainer after the c-section incision has healed.

Most new mothers experience fluid retention after giving birth. Fluid retention can be uncomfortable and causes swelling throughout the body. This swelling makes it difficult for women to fit into their clothing comfortably.

Women’s bodies naturally rid themselves of excess fluid within two weeks after giving birth. It typically takes about a month for all excess fluid and swelling to dissipate. During that time the uterus also shrinks back to its pre pregnancy size and shape.

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A waist trainer will support and ease things back into place, but it won’t make you lose weight.

There is a combination of things that help women recover after giving birth:

  • A healthy diet.
  • Physical activity.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • A medical-grade support garment.

Ask your ObGyn, doula or midwife about using a waist trainer after giving birth. Waist trainers, Corsets and Girdles are recommended to achieve the following benefits:

  • Relieve back strain.
  • Improve posture.
  • Help with lymphatic drainage.
  • Support muscles compromised during childbirth.
  • Compress stretched skin for a faster recovery.

Not all waist trainers are made to deliver all of these benefits. Many are for cosmetic purposes only.

New moms who wear a high quality waist trainer after giving birth often experience a boost of self-confidence.

Women experience a time of transition between pregnancy and motherhood. Many moms have busy lives and seek ways to recover fast after giving birth. Wearing a waist trainer to reduce the appearance of their belly is a simple way to boost their recovery and reach their postpartum goals with ease.

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