9 Adorable Surprise Pregnancy Reveals

9 Adorable Surprise Pregnancy Reveals

If you’re pregnant and looking for a cute way to reveal your pregnancy to those around you, you’ll find the inspiration on the internet. Couples around the globe try to outdo one another’s pregnancy reveals by filming them and making them more buzz-worthy. If you want to be struck by the ‘feels,’ continue reading so you have plenty of options for your own formal announcement.

Here are nine adorable surprise pregnancy reveals in no particular order:

The Bun in the Oven

This reveal always gets its fair share of laughter and tears. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wife announcing her pregnancy to her husband or a couple announcing the pregnancy to their parents, placing a baked good in the oven and having someone else retrieve it is a clever way to let others know that you’re expecting.

Good Fortune

Mama-to-be Kelly Branch-Yoxall pulled the fortune out of a fortune cookie with a pair of tweezers and replaced it with her own pregnancy announcement. She placed it in a take-out box with tissue paper and gave it to her parents. When they opened up the cookie, they learned that they were going to become grandparents in the fall.

The Grocery List

An aww-worthy way to announce that you’re pregnant to your spouse is to create a grocery list filled with items that include the word “baby” in them.

  • For example, Megan Burke Zahara asked her husband to pick up baby back ribs, baby carrots, and baby peas before finally listing Gerber Baby on the shopping list. It was then that her spouse caught on to what she was doing and asked to see the positive pregnancy test.

Baby Makes Three

Announcing the good news to faraway friends and family is easy thanks to social media.

  • Staging photos of you, your spouse, and the sonogram image of your baby is a great way to let others know that you’re expecting.

They can share your joy by writing heartfelt sentiments on your Facebook wall or Instagram account.

Big Sister or Big Brother Knows Best

  • If you have other children, you can have them hold a sign or even the sonogram photo in an attempt to help you with your public announcement.
  • If you don’t have human children but have fur children, you can dress them up in clothing that reads “Big Sister” or “Big Brother”.

Facebook Live

Why not use the live option to make an announcement on Facebook?

You share everything else on the social media platform, so why not?

Get to Knitting, Grandma!

A personalized label on a ball of yarn makes a sweet, sentimental gift. It’s a clever way to include future grandmothers in the moment.

Safety Pins

Take a photo of two large safety pins to represent the parents and however many small safety pins that are needed to represent the children in your family. Then, place one small safety pin inside of one of the large safety pins to represent the baby on board.

Are You My Mother?

Pregnancy-related books such as this Dr. Seuss title make fun props for pregnancy announcement photos. Moms and dads can get in on the fun by holding a book of their own in each shot.

How do you plan on revealing that you’re pregnant? Do you have some ideas in mind? Whatever you do, make sure there is someone around to document your announcement. The reactions that you receive from family and friends will be outstanding and worth sharing!

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Feb 20, 2018
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