Baby Proofing Made Easy with Dreambaby

Baby Proofing Made Easy with Dreambaby

If you thought that baby proofing your home would be difficult, you haven’t been introduced to Dreambaby - an internationally renowned and awarded child safety brand. We recently met Carolyn, founder of Dreambaby, and learned about her passionate commitment to educating parents about the child safety issues all parents face. Carolyn and Dreambaby are innovators in child safety and they've created everything from corner cushions to furniture anchors and everything in between.

So which products does Carolyn from Dreambaby recommend to get started with?

baby proofing made easy with dreambaby

1. Safety Problem: Falling off the Crib or Toddler Bed

Babies and Toddlers are squirmy. They can move around in bed so much that it's easy for them to end up on the floor with a very preventable injury.


  • Bed rails are excellent for peace of mind while transitioning your child to a toddler bed.
baby proofing with the dreambaby door gate to make sure your baby is safe

2. Safety Problem: Getting into unsafe areas of the home.

When your baby is learning to crawl and walk, they can get into restricted areas impressively fast.


  • Child Safety Gates. Parents can feel at ease knowing that their little one will not be able to access any unsafe or unsupervised area of the home.
baby proofing your bathroom with a toilet seat so your toddler is safe when potty training.

3. Safety Problem: Bathroom Dangers

The bathroom is an area of the home where parents spend a lot of time training their child so baby proofing the bathroom is a must to keep your baby safe.


  • Inflatable Bath Spout Cover Bath time can get a little too fun at times. Protect your baby's head from the dangers of the water spout in the bathtub.
  • Potty Training Toilet Seat the most ideal place to potty train your baby is on the actual toilet. These safety toilet seats are great for tiny butts, easy to clean and will prevent any gross falls into the toilet.
  • Room & Bath Thermometer Before placing your baby or toddle into water, it's important to be confident that the water temperature is safe.
baby proofing sharp corners with corner cushions from Dreambaby

4. Safety Problem: Sharp Corners around the home.

Sharp corners are around every corner of the house. They are almost inevitable, but what is completely avoidable is injuries from running into corners


  • Corner Cushions & Bumpers. No more running to place your hand between your baby's face and the sharp corners. These corner bumpers are literally life-savers!
baby proofing door covers , so baby cant get out or slam the door.

5. Safety Problem: Doors & Cabinets.

Babies and Toddlers want to get into everything and they love playing with doors.


  • Door Stoppers. Slamming a door is so easy, a baby can do it. These simple door stoppers can keep their little fingers safe.
  • Magnetic Cabinet Locks Parents store a lot of unsafe items in their cabinets. These easy to install locks will prevent your baby or toddler from accessing unsafe items.
  • Door Knob Covers If they cant open the door, then they wont be able to slam it or escape.

Your number one goal after giving birth is to protect your child all the days of his or her life. Taking the precautionary measures necessary to make their home environment safe from harm is imperative as it reduces the risk of harm. As your baby becomes more independent, parents can feel more confident in the safety of their home thanks to Dreambaby and Carolyn's mission to keep all children safe.

Click to Watch Carolyn's Handy Hints for more info on what she recommends to keep your child safe.

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  • Nov 13, 2018
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