Baby Shower Etiquette 101

To help out new parents, a baby shower is thrown, gifts are collected, and fun is had. It’s an opportunity for family and friends to gather, pay attention to the soon-to-be-mother, and prepare as a unit for a new life to be brought into the world. Even if you’re not pregnant for the first time but are for the third time, there are things you’ll need for your child that you don’t already have on hand.

This guide introduces the dos and don’ts of baby shower etiquette. Reference it often before the event takes place. That way, you won’t be guilty of making a faux pas by doing something that could be viewed as offensive by other people. You’ll be exercising good etiquette by being mindful and considerate of your guests’ feelings.

1. You’re allowed to have multiple showers

Baby shower party
Who says you can't have more than one baby shower? The arrival of a new baby is a perfect cause for a fun celebration!

If your coworkers want to host a shower for you, by all means, oblige. If your family and friends want to get together and have a second shower for you, don’t turn them down. It’s their way of being a part of your pregnancy and showing support for you as a new mother. They also want to be a part of your baby’s life in even the smallest way by giving him or her a gift.

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2. Just because the baby is not your first doesn’t mean you can’t have a shower

Look how cute it is
Expecting baby number 2? Organize a fun baby shower and let the world know: the more the merrier!

Think about it for just a second. What if your first baby was a boy and your second baby was a girl. Unless everything that was bought for the first child is non-gender specific, you’re going to need many things. Even if you’re leery about accepting gifts for second, third, and even fourth child, request that your family and friends join you to celebrate the life of the new baby you’ll be bringing into the world. They won’t be able to decline your request because they love you!

3. You should create baby registries so people know what to get you

Scrub peeling brush body scrubber massager loofah bar of soap on blue
Creating baby registries is a great way to let your guests know what gifts will be useful for you.

As soon as you confirmed you were pregnant, you likely started shopping for your little one. For the sake of not receiving duplicates of items, it’s important that you choose some moderately-priced stores to set up registries with. That way, people who can’t attend the shower still have the option of buying a gift online and having it sent to your home. You can let people know which registries you’ve signed up for by having the information printed on the shower invitations.

Many women are so focused on getting clothing and objects for their new baby that they forget that a registry is for you too. Showers are supposed to be everything related to you and your new baby.

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No one thinks twice about asking for a breast pump on their registry, so why should you feel bad about putting a postpartum girdle on yours?

4. Send thank you cards out in a timely manner

Female Writing Thankyou Card Present Concept
Sending out thank you cards is a thoughtful way to appreciate your guests for becoming a part of your celebration.

Make sure you send a card to everyone in attendance whether they gave you a gift or not. This is a crucial part of the right baby shower etiquette. That way, the people in your life continue to feel appreciated. There are plenty of cute thank you card designs that you can choose from. Take the afternoon to pen by hand a short note of gratitude for all the people who love you and your baby.

5. Celebrate the Arrival of a New Baby in a Joyous and Memorable Way

Baby shower cupcake
Celebrate your new role as a mum with the utmost joy and vigor!

A baby shower is an exciting event that celebrates your role as a mother and the baby’s arrival into the world. It’s a time for family and friends to get together with you. Planning a baby shower is usually a job for someone close to you like a sister or best friend. If for some reason, however, no one’s talked about throwing you a shower, don’t hesitate to organize one for yourself.

Do you believe in following a set of hard-and-fast rules when organizing a baby shower?

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