How Mom of Twins Got Her Pre-Baby Body Back

How Mom of Twins Got Her Pre-Baby Body Back

Every month we hear amazing and inspiring postpartum recovery stories from moms all around the world. We are always so impressed when we see your transformations and wanted to take a moment to share some of these stories with the mom community to help spread the word about the amazing benefits of Bellefit.

Bellefit is proud to announce that we are honoring Shamika N. of Summerville, SC as the Featured Mom of January 2014!

Shamika's Story

  • Shamika gave birth to beautiful twin boys on February 3, 2013. Her amazing recovery is an inspiration to mom's everywhere! Before she became pregnant, her weight was about 144lbs and her pre-pregnancy jean size was a size 6.
  • Since she was an hourglass body type and pregnant with multiples, she starting off with an XL Dual-Closure. It is very common for mom's to need more than one size, especially in the case of twins. Shamika was no exception!
  • In order for her to get back into her pre-pregnancy shape, she gradually worked her way down from an XL to a Small.

Way to go Shamika!!!!

mom of twins got pre-baby body back with bellefit

How Bellefit Girdles Work

Women’s bodies are built to bounce back from pregnancy and childbirth, but the reality is that it can be difficult to “bounce back” and return to pre-pregnancy shape without help. During pregnancy the body secretes hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and relaxin that remain in the body after childbirth for approximately six months.

  • These hormones are our body’s way of loosening the abdominal muscles. They facilitate the stretching of the abdominal area by as much as 50%, while the baby grows.
  • They also act to loosen the pelvic structure, joints and ligaments to prepare for childbirth.

The beauty behind Bellefit ® medical-grade postpartum support garments is that they provide a greater stability for the body after delivery. The compression garments work by drawing in stretched muscles to provide a 360° support structure around the torso.

Reducing strain on ligaments and joints in the

  • Lower Back
  • Pelvis
  • Buttocks

Reducing stress in these areas enhances your body’s ability to return to its pre-pregnancy alignment and shape. It also enhances the ability to lose the post baby tummy faster. As shifted and constrained organs return to their pre-pregnancy locations during the first few weeks after c-section or natural birth,Bellefit ® girdles hold you in place allowing for movement with greater confidence.

A Bellefit ® postpartum garment is an essential part of a comprehensive postpartum care. Its also essential in a c-section recovery plan for both health and confidence.


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