Best Rated After Birth Girdle - Buyer’s Guide

Best Rated After Birth Girdle - Buyer’s Guide

Let’s face it, after birth our bellies are not the same as they were before the baby. Some of us have stretch marks and some of us have new curves and some of us have a little of both. No matter what your particular after-baby body situation, you probably have some things you’d like to change about it. You might think about how to get rid of the belly fat that’s been hanging around for months now, or maybe you’re ready to rock some new curves. A good way to do this may be by buying an after birth girdle.

While it’s true that many women would rather not be seen in public while wearing an after birth girdle, there are other options available online that can fulfill your needs without drawing too much attention to your figure while still helping you look your best. The key is knowing where to look, especially when you consider the range in price and quality you can expect when shopping online. At first glance, it can seem daunting to sort through the thousands of maternity stores that offer an array of products and services, but if you know what you’re looking for and how to find it, these stores can actually make shopping online a breeze. Here is a girdle buyer’s guide with some tips on how to find the right one:

Your Guide to Buying an After Birth Girdle Online

What is an After Birth Girdle?

An afterbirth girdle is a garment used to support a woman’s lower abdominal and pelvic area. After she has had a baby, the muscles in her abdomen are less stretchy than before, which can lead to feelings of weakness when doing activities that require this area to stretch or move. A post-birth girdle helps reinforce the muscles by adding firmness, and it can also aid in speeding up healing.

What are the benefits of a postpartum girdle?

A postpartum girdle is a type of garment that helps women who have given birth to regain their shape more quickly. It works by pulling the abdomen and lower back inwards and upwards so that the woman can get back to her normal activities sooner—and with less discomfort.

The two main purposes of the postpartum girdle are to:

  • Reduce swelling and fluid retention
  • Provide support to the lower back and abdominal muscles

How Does It Do This?

First, it compresses the abdomen, which causes it to contract. This reduces swelling, as well as a decreased feeling of heaviness in the abdomen. Then, it supports the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles, making them more taut and strong. This helps to prevent any injuries or aches from those areas. The combination of these two things helps to relieve pressure on the abdominal wall, which eases discomfort in that area. The increased muscle strength also allows for more efficient movement of everything from the stomach to the legs.

Here are some other benefits of using a girdle:

  • A smoother torso will make any outfit you wear look better
  • You will be able to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes again
  • Better posture—your back will be straighter and less curved
  • Postpartum skin can benefit from the compression of a girdle

When can you start wearing a girdle after birth?

After birth, it is best to start wearing your Bellefit Girdle as soon as you get home from the hospital. Typically 3-4 days after giving birth. The Bellefit Girdle can be worn right after giving birth but we recommend once you leave so that when the nurse or doctor comes in to check on you after birth, you won't have to remove the girdle so often. Always check with your doctor before wearing the girdle as each birth is different.

How to Buy an After Birth Girdle Online

Choosing a girdle can be difficult, and these days it’s not always made easier because there are so many options out there. Do you pick an over-the-belly, waist-shaper style? Or maybe you opt for a high-waist model with control panels down the front and back? You could even go with a panty-girdle combination or one that’s designed to slim your thighs at the same time.

These all have their pros and cons, but before you shop for the style that will work for you, there are a couple of things to consider: Do you want your torso to be completely smoothed out or do you want a little more definition? The smooth styles will give you a smoother look overall, but they don’t really define anything which can make your silhouette appear more boxy than it might need to be. Some people like this look because it makes it easier to wear tailored clothing; others feel like it makes them look frumpy. If you want something that will give you a little more definition, then besides outlining your waistline, you’ll want something that also smooths out your midsection. Look at the different options available and consider what type of look you’re interested in.

How do I choose a girdle?

The first thing you’ll have to do when shopping for a girdle is determine your size. For this, look at the sizing charts for each brand. The next thing you need to consider is your level of comfort. You may want to wear a girdle every day, or only occasionally, or just on special occasions like weddings. If you are going to wear it often, you should buy something that is comfortable enough to wear every day. If it’s just for special occasions, choose something that can be worn on those occasions but which can also be easily removed when needed.

You may also have different needs depending on what kind of clothing you plan on wearing while wearing your girdle. For example, if you’re planning on wearing jeans with your girdle, get something that has more flexibility than one designed for formal attire.

How do I know my girdle size?

To choose the best girdle for your waist, you’ll need to consider two things: how tight you want the girdle to fit, and how high or low you want the waistband of the girdle to sit. If you’re wearing a corset-style girdle, you decide how tight it feels based on how many hooks you fasten at the back; if it’s a longline style, there will be no hooks and thus no way to adjust the tightness. The waistband of a corset-style girdle will sit lower than that of a longline style, but both styles slim your waist and flatten your tummy.

If you’re wearing a high-waist style, that means that the band will sit higher than the natural waist (the part where your torso meets your pelvis). A high-waist style is most commonly worn with an overbust corset or longline bra underneath (though some people choose to wear them without another layer underneath).

Knowing your girdle size can be the difference between a smooth, slimming fit and an ill-fitting, uncomfortable nightmare. To accurately measure your waist, you’ll need a soft tape measure and some help from another person.

  • If you’re doing this solo, you can use a piece of string to trace around your waist. Then use that as a guide to wrap the string around your waist so you can see how many inches there are before it overlaps.
  • To make sure you’re measuring correctly:
  • Breathe out, relax your muscles, and make sure the tape is parallel with the floor (not curving in or out). If it’s not parallel with the floor, then it could be too loose or too tight. If you can’t get it parallel with the floor, keep trying until you find your sweet spot.
  • Measure across where your pants usually sit on your hips; not where they currently sit, since pants stretch over time.

The band measurement should be snug—but not uncomfortably tight—when you’re standing up straight. This measurement will probably be different from your pants size because it’s taken at a different point on your body (not around your hips), but should still be close to that number.

Best Beginner Postpartum Girdle

Supporting a new mommy’s core after birth is important in her recovery. However, a Corset can be uncomfortable and even painful to wear—until now! The Bellefit Corset is here to ease those concerns and make supporting your belly and back easier.

Bellefit Postpartum Girdle Corset

The Bellefit Corset offers the core support a new mother needs while also providing comfort. The elastic material is smooth and stays in place throughout the day. It’s easy to take on and off with a front row of hook-and-eye closures. The material won’t pinch or dig into the skin. The wide back panel helps stabilize your shoulder blades, giving you more control over your abdominal muscles.

The Bellefit Corset is versatile for all body types! It can be adjusted to offer the most comfortable fit with a front row of hook-and-eye closures. Moving around following a C-Section or natural birth is effortless in this undergarment. Wear the Bellefit Corset to support your belly and back 24/7.

Best Girdle That is Invisible Under Clothing

Maternity support girdles help with pelvic and torso support during pregnancy and labor. They can help increase comfort and mobility as you prepare for delivery, reduce back pain and swelling during pregnancy, and help ease the transition from pregnancy to postpartum recovery by providing gentle abdominal compression. In fact, many doctors recommend using one to improve posture during pregnancy, making it easier to relieve back and abdominal pain and help prepare for delivery.

Bellefit Girdle Pull-up

Bellefit’s Girdle Pull-Up is a great girdle that disappears under your clothes to give you a smooth appearance. It has no closures and is only for Natural Birth postpartum support and compression only. This girdle has been designed without hooks and zippers, so it’s easy to put on and pull up over a post-baby belly needing extra TLC. This girdle comfort-fits the body with its compression panels that smooth out belly bulges and back support panels to protect and support the lower back. It also stabilizes the back, making it possible to do daily tasks such as stretching, reaching, and lifting with great ease.

Best Girdle for Firm Compression

Bellefit Postpartum Girdle with Size Zipper

The Bellefit Girdle with Zipper has anti-pinch protection and padded hook-and-eye closures. It helps your swelling go down after delivering a baby. Core support can be a challenge, but not with this undergarment. The Bellefit Girdle with Zipper improves posture while compressing swollen areas of the body in need of fast healing. Invest in a girdle that delivers measurable results by reducing your waistline postpartum.

Best Rated Girdles Available to Buy at Bellefit

The good news is that there are plenty of great girdles at Bellefit. We specialize in girdles of all sizes and shapes. The first step in finding the best one for you is knowing what kind of shape you’re looking for—there are different shapes and styles (and different names) for both the shaper and the top half, which can make it hard to know what exactly you want. That’s why we found some great examples to help you decide.

Bellefit is a company that stands out from many others because of the way they approach their product. They don’t just want to make a girdle; they want to make the best girdle possible. They’re designed in a way that not only helps you look better but also feel better while wearing it. This is because it has been specially designed to be breathable. This means that you won’t have to worry about sweating too much or feeling uncomfortable while wearing it. To make for an overall comfortable fit that doesn’t pinch or dig into your skin. is a company that is dedicated to making women healthy and comfortable in their own skin. They have a wide range of products, from girdles to waist trainers. The primary goal of Bellefit is to help women get back in shape after pregnancy or a weight loss program. Some of the many things that make them special are:

  • They carry the highest quality products
  • They offer free shipping on all postpartum products
  • Their customer service is top-notch and they are always here to help customers with any issues that arise.

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