C-Section Belly Band : Recover with Less Pain

C-Section Belly Band : Recover with Less Pain

C-Section belly bands can help any new mother who is recovering from a Cesarean birth. Many women go into their first pregnancy expecting to be able to a “natural” birth, or a vaginal birth. No painkillers, no problems, easy right? More often than not, those expectations are dashed. Many women end up asking for painkillers, and some women even have to have a C-Section. 32% of women in the United States have had to go through a Cesarean birth. That’s 1.2 million women who have to recover from a major surgery, while also caring for a new baby.

real moms wearing a bellefit postpartum girdle

C-Section belly bands, also called abdominal binders, can ease your postpartum recovery tremendously. These bands aid your abdominal muscles while they begin to heal and strengthen. They help prevent or alleviate Diastasis Recti, and they reduce recovery time.

Girdle after pregnancy Uses

C-Section Belly Bands for Abdominal Muscles

While pregnant, the muscles in your abdomen and stomach region have to make room for your growing baby. This results in the organs and muscles in your stomach moving around. After you give birth, vaginally or through Cesarean, your muscles and organs have to go back to their original placement.

During this time period, usually a few weeks after giving birth, your stomach muscles are very weak and it is difficult to do a lot of tasks. It is especially difficult if you have had a C-Section. Anything that requires any sort of abdominal strength is difficult to accomplish. And if you’re body is still healing, it can make it even more uncomfortable.

There is a lot of pain that comes with a C-Section delivery. The incision can make it difficult to sit or stand up straight, and many women experience back pain. Using an abdominal girdle after a C-section allows new moms to experience a free range of motion — both sitting down and standing up. But the girdle applies just enough pressure on the incision to take the discomfort away. C-Section belly bands also help support your muscles while they are healing and moving back into place so that you can perform daily tasks without pain.

Chelsea's Story

After going into labor at just 32 weeks with her first child, Chelsea had an emergency C-section. This caused her to suffer unbearable pain. Even walking around the grocery store was difficult.

Sometimes I had to get a wheelchair to get around because I was in so much pain.”

The second time around, Chelsea prepared, she came home three days after delivering her second child and immediately put on an Bellefit abdominal binder.

Girdle Before and After
Chelsea's before and after using a Bellefit Girdle

“I just felt so much better,” she said. “I felt like I was able to walk around, get up and down the stairs a lot easier – even laughing, I didn’t feel like my stitches were gonna come out when I was wearing my girdle.”

Belly Band After C-Section for Diastasis Recti

According to MayoClinic, “during pregnancy, the growing uterus stretches the muscles in the abdomen. This can cause the two large parallel bands of muscles that meet in the middle of the abdomen (rectus muscles) to become separated by an abnormal distance — a condition called diastasis recti or diastasis recti abdominis.”

Many women are able to strengthen and bring together their abdominal muscles through basic ab exercises. However, some women need the extra support of a C-section belly band to support their midsection. The additional support can help to keep the muscles in place while you do basic exercises to strengthen them again.

Diastasis Recti diagram
Abdominal muscles with Diastasis Recti (left), abdominal muscles without Diastasis Recti (right)

Abdominal Binders after C-Section for Reduced Recovery Time

C-Section belly bands can also help increase the speed with which your uterus shrinks back down to its original size. Your stomach is going to do this regardless of whether you use an abdominal binder or not, but a girdle can help it shrink faster by strengthening the muscles quicker.

First-time mother, Malva, was amazed at how quickly her stomach shrunk back to pre-pregnancy size. After wearing it for just one week.

“Not only that, the muscles in my belly were starting to feel hard again,” she said. “It was so comfy that I forgot I was wearing it. Another very big plus is that it improved my confidence. I was able to sit, bend over, lay down and I slept wearing it, too.”

A faster recovery, with less pain and a flatter tummy? Seems like a no-brainer.

abdominal binder after c-section results
Malva's before and after using a Bellefit Postpartum Girdle

Benefits of Using a C-Section Belly Band

Abdominal Binders aid your abdominal muscles while they heal and strengthen, preventing or alleviating Diastasis Recti. According to one study, they have been scientifically proven to reduce recovery time.

You already have enough on your plate with a new child to take care of, without having to worry about your own health on top of that. Make life a little easier on yourself by using a postpartum girdle/abdominal binder/belly band.

Chelsea and Malva both discovered the benefits of using the Bellefit postpartum belly bands after their C-sections. Life with a new baby can be difficult. Make it simple. Invest in less pain and more confidence by using an abdominal binder after your C-section. Your future will thank you.

C-Section Belly Bands & Girdles by Bellefit

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