What Moms Really Want for Mothers Day (and Every Day!)

What Moms Really Want for Mothers Day (and Every Day!)

With Mother's Day fast approaching you're probably wondering what to get for the special mothers in your life. But has anyone ever told you that flowers and chocolate for Mother's Day are just chump change compared to what you can do to make sure she has a really great day?

Here is our handy guide to what moms REALLY want for Mother's Day (and every day!).

celebrating mothers day
Give the gift of peace to mom on Mother’s Day by getting along with your siblings.

1. Be Nice to Mom (and to each other)

  • How about some peace and quiet for Mother's Day? That's right, more than anything in the world; moms want their families to get along, to work together and to be nice. It will take time but you can work on it every day.
  • Trust that when everyone gets along, moms will reach a level of happiness that money just can't buy.
celebrating mothers day everyday family cleaning
Mom deserve a break from cleaning on Mother’s Day

2. Clean up after Mom (and after yourself)

Cleaning is a huge and eternal job for moms. They seem to spend most of their time picking up and cleaning up after everyone else. Show your mom how much you really love her by cleaning up for her and even more importantly, after yourself.

  • Dishes in the sink? Wash them.
  • Laundry basket full? Do the laundry…well, you get the point.

Cleaning up to help mom may just be the most valuable gift you can give her.

celebrating moms mothers day everyday letting mom sleep in
Let mom sleep in on Mother’s Day , she deserves to relax.

3. Let Mom Sleep In

Do you remember the last time that mom slept in or didn’t have to wake up early just to get everyone else ready and out the door?

  • Perhaps mom likes to wake up early, let her wake up to catch the sunrise with a cup of coffee or let her sleep in through the sunrise and take care of everything for her that day.
  • Those little moments when she’s not responsible for everything will be like a breath of fresh air.
Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day by cooking her a meal she loves.

4. Feed Mom

Moms spend years feeding their families, from the moment her kids are born to the time they all move out. And chances are she will always want to feed everyone because that's just how awesome she is. Now is your chance to show mom just how much you care.

  • Cook a meal for mom and serve her a delicious dish.
  • Make sure you don't let mama do anything…..including the dishes!
  • As simple as this sounds, mom will be proud and especially thankful to have a day off from cooking for the family.
A gift any mom would love, a day at the spa to pamper herself on Mother’s Day

5. Comfort Mom

For all those times moms make everyone feel better, how about comforting her for a change?

  • Book her an appointment with her stylist so she can go get her hair done (and whatever else she wants!).

The gift of getting pampered will get mom feeling like a million bucks!

What woman doesn’t love shopping!

6. Dress Mom

Ok, so you don't literally have to dress your mom, but you can get her a gift card to her favorite clothing store!

  • Let her go on the solo shopping spree of her dreams, no kids, no curfew, just her, a gift card and an afternoon of shopping therapy.

Mom will absolutely love that!

Love your mom not just on Mother’s Day but everyday!

7. Love Mom

  • Last but not least and more important than anything else, make sure you ALWAYS tell mom how much you love her.

Her love for the family despite all of their shenanigans will be unconditional. So it's good for her to hear that you appreciate and love her not only for what she does for you everyday, but also for whom she is. Who doesn't like a day that celebrates them? Just be sure that you continue to thank and help mom everyday. She will appreciate it more than you can even imagine.

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there!

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 08, 2016
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