Why Use a Postpartum Recovery Compression Girdle

Why Use a Postpartum Recovery Compression Girdle

The concept of using a compression girdles and garments designed to support postpartum recovery is not new, but it is gaining attention among pregnant and new mothers.

These garments are commonly referred to as “girdles” or “corsets”, and they are incredibly helpful in supporting new moms as they regain their pre-pregnancy shape following birth.

Why Use Compression Girdles for Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum support garments promote:

  • recovery
  • speed healing,
  • and help internal organs return to their proper position

Postpartum recovery girdles also give new moms a boost of confidence to look their best and feel secure when moving about their daily lives with their new babies.

Postpartum Recovery with a Compression Girdle

compression girdles after childbirth
  • The technique of compression for recovery has been well understood by woman for centuries in many cultures all over the globe. This technique is proven simply through the effective results it achieves.
  • By compressing the abdomen, a girdle gently pushes the stomach muscles together. This forces a woman to engage her abdominals, restraining them to support her torso.

During Pregnancy:

  • A heavy pregnant belly can cause the curve of a woman’s spine to deepen.
  • The muscles and ligaments in the lower back are pulled by the weight of the baby and loosened by pregnancy hormones.
compression girdles after pregnancy

A postpartum girdle provides an opportunity for these stretched-out areas to pull back into their position.

For mothers who have caesarean births, a compression garment designed for c section can help:

  • Stabilize stitches and promote healing.
  • Compression also helps reduce swelling and water retention in the abdominal area by gently pushing water out of tissues.

Compression Girdles Put Organs Back Where They Belong

Pregnant Cross Section
By the time a woman gives birth, her organs are pushed to the top, back, and bottom of her abdomen.

Anyone who has ever seen a diagram of a pregnant woman’s abdomen at 9 months gestation has probably been shocked by how much room a baby actually takes up inside the body. Organs are in radically different positions. No wonder women experience heartburn towards the end of their pregnancies!

  • By the time a woman gives birth, her organs are pushed to the top, back, and bottom of her abdomen.
  • When a baby is born, the uterus begins to shrink immediately. There is, however, extra space in the abdomen as a result of birth.
  • Postpartum compression girdles gently press the abdomen to support the organs’ return to their proper positions.

Real Before and After Photos of Women who used Compression Girdles

Who Me, Vain?

Postpartum compression girdles can provide great comfort to new mothers.

  • Benefits of the girdles are typically seen as purely physical.
  • The emotional comfort when you wear a compression girdle should not be underestimated.

After birth, many women experience a desire to fit into their pre-pregnancy clothing as soon as possible.

It is perfectly normal for a woman to want to “feel like herself” after having her baby. A postpartum girdle is a wonderful tool that can make this healing process move more quickly and smoothly.

Visit this easy to use online girdle sizing tool: Postpartum recovery girdle sizing calculator

Best Postpartum Girdles

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