Essentials for Your Diaper Bag

Essentials for Your Diaper Bag

Diaper bags--a necessity for any parent who is out and about. Your diaper bag is your portable nursery filled with all of the day-to-day essentials of raising a baby. You don’t want to leave the house without one but you also need to take the time to figure out what is essential for your diaper bag and what you can leave at home. Thankfully, parents have struggled for years figuring out this balance and we have collected all their advice into one place. In this article, we will list all the essentials for your diaper bag.

Choosing a Diaper Bag

Choosing a diaper bag is much more complicated than many people initially think it to be. You want to choose a bag that is a good enough size to hold everything you need but is not too cumbersome. Some parents choose to go with a duffel bag when going on longer trips and have a smaller bag for short trips. Whatever type of bag you choose it is the contents of that bag that make the difference.

In today’s day and age, diaper bags can be fashionable and discrete. No more giant, multiple pockets, canvas bags bursting at the seams with diapers. There are multiple trendy options that look cute and are functional. Many parents choose to go with a backpack-style bag. This makes it easy to carry around, gives you plenty of room, and is easy for either parent to wear.

What do you need from your diaper bag?

In addition to the style of bag that you want, you also need to be mindful of what you need from your diaper bag. Are you going to use it for a few hours at the store? Are you going to use it on a cross-country flight? Do you need it for a toddler? All of these things need to be taken into consideration before choosing a diaper bag. Some parents have multiple diaper bag options at the ready and choose one that is most suited to their needs at that time. This can be too complicated for some people so they may choose to only use one diaper bag. Having a long and detailed list of essentials for your diaper bag can help you determine what type of bag you will need.

Essentials for Your Diaper Bag

There are multiple categories that you will need to consider when packing a diaper bag. You have the necessary diapers and changing essentials, food, clothes, medicine, extra items, toys, and the essentials for mom. For each category, we will break down the absolute necessities.

Diapers and Changing Needs

For this category the essentials for your diaper bag are

  • Diapers - To calculate how many you will need to pack try doing one for every two hours you will be out. Then take a few extras just in case.
  • Pack of baby wipes - An absolute necessity for your baby’s butt, your hands, and to wipe everything down in a public space. If you can’t fit a whole pack in your bag bring a few in a plastic bag but make sure they remain moist.
  • Changing pad - Most diaper bags come with a changing pad, but if you need a large one, or don’t like the one that it comes with you can always get a different one. You will need a changing pad for areas where you need to change in public. This limits messes and keeps your baby clean and off of dirty public surfaces.
  • Diaper cream - Travel size tubes are available for most diaper cream brands.
  • Bag for dirty diapers - Bringing a bunch of plastic bags is beneficial for multiple reasons. You can put dirty diapers in them and you can put dirty clothes in them in case of accidents. This keeps the dirty separate from the clean and makes sure your bag doesn’t stink.
  • Hand sanitizer - You never know where some stuff has been.

Food and Clothes

Food and clothes essentials for your diaper bag include

  • Extra outfits - You never know what the day is going to bring so having an extra outfit (or two) is always a good idea.
  • Light blanket/Nursing cover - To cover yourself while nursing or to cover the baby carrier/stroller in the sun.
  • Snacks - You don’t want a hungry baby/toddler so having a few light snacks is beneficial.
  • Burp cloth - For any messes that come with feeding a baby/toddler.
  • Bottle/Sippy Cup with milk, water, or formula - Depending on how long you are out you will want to plan accordingly. For toddlers make sure you have some water or juice on hand for them to enjoy throughout the day so they don’t get dehydrated.

Medicine and Extra Items

For longer outings, it is a good idea to pack some medicinal essentials in your diaper bag.

  • Travel first aid kit - make sure this includes band-aids, baby-safe pain relievers, antibiotic ointments, and a thermometer.
  • Pacifier - To soothe a crying or fussy baby.
  • Teethers - Particularly if your baby is going through the teething stage.
  • Sunscreen/Bug Spray - Depending on the time of year and the weather this is essential.
  • Toys - Particularly if you have a toddler this is necessary to keep them from fussing. This could be a small book for you to read, a stuffed animal (or a security toy), or a rattle.

Essentials for the Parent

Not only do you have to put all of your baby’s things in the diaper bag, but you also have to fit your stuff in there too. This should include anything you would normally put into a wallet or purse. For breastfeeding moms, you should also pack yourself an extra shirt (for leakage), breast pads, and other necessities for nursing. This can include a nursing bra just like the one that Bellefit has. It is comfortable, lightweight, and has an easy to clip down strap which makes feedings quick and hassle-free. Try one of our nursing bras today and see what a difference it can make in your routine.

Key Essentials for Your Diaper Bag

This list of essentials for your diaper bag can seem daunting at first, but many of these things can be left in your diaper bag. Before you head out just double check that everything you need is there and you are all set to go. This includes all of your diapers, clothes, wipes, sanitary stuff, food/water, personal effects, and nursing needs. We hope this has been a helpful list of things to pack and essentials for your diaper bag. Are there other essentials you would add to this list? Write them in the comments below!

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