Fed is Best - What Your Baby Really Needs to Eat

Fed is Best - What Your Baby Really Needs to Eat

If you’re debating whether to breast or bottle feed, know that fed is best. A combination of the two gives you greater freedom. It ensures that your growing tyke gets adequate nutrition all the days of his or her infancy.

Don’t Let Other People’s Opinions Stand in the Way of Your Child’s Health

Rather than feel guilty that you don’t breastfeed full-time, know that you’re taking care of your baby’s needs excellently when you opt to make sure he or she is fed well. If that means preparing a bottle for them while you work or run errands, consider it done. Only you know what is best for your child, and they want nutrition in whatever manner they can get it.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Nurse right after the baby was born.

He or she may need extra help with latching onto your breast. Attempting to breastfeed in the hospital allows you to take advantage of the staff there who are trained to help with the process. It also provides the baby with colostrum which helps strengthen the immune system and prevent disease. The very first time you breastfeed, your baby gets the substance that is vital to their health and well-being.

A baby fed formula at the same time of breasfeeding can give you more freedom

Use formula the first few days.

While you’re waiting for your milk to come in, it’s good to supplement the baby’s diet with formula. It helps you want to nurse longer because you know that you can give the child a bottle. Make sure that the amount of formula given is small so that the baby still wants to nurse later on through the day. If he or she is too full, they won’t breastfeed which means you’ll have to pump. Keeping them on as regular of a feeding schedule as you can and monitoring the amount of formula that you give the child helps tremendously.

Pumping will allow a baby to be fed breast milk and give you a break from nursing

Invest in a good pumping machine.

The sooner you learn how to pump your breasts, the better. You’ll know that your baby is getting the finest quality nutrition. You’ll be able to pump excess milk out of your breasts and store it for your baby to drink. You’ll depend less on formula that way. It also gives you a break from nursing. Your baby will still be getting breast milk from you but in another manner.

The way you choose to feed your infant is a personal decision that is yours and yours alone. The list of suggestions above has helped many mothers provide sustenance to their children either by breast or bottle. Even if you choose to only bottle-feed, know that you’re doing best by your child.

Continue to Feed Your Child However You Feel is Best for Them

Fed is undoubtedly best. Don’t take a chance on your child’s health by allowing other people’s opinions to influence your actions. Give your baby the breast when it’s convenient and a bottle when it’s not. They won’t care so long as they’re being fed!

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 18, 2019
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