How to Swaddle a Baby

How to Swaddle a Baby

Swaddling is a recommended way to soothe your baby. It is an excellent hack for parents of small infants. Swaddling is a technique in which a baby is wrapped tightly with a blanket and is shown to help them sleep better. Wrapping your baby nice and snuggly is supposed to resemble the warmth and comfort of the womb. When done correctly, swaddling is a safe and effective way to calm down your baby and promote sleep.

How to Swaddle Correctly

There are a few simple steps that parents should follow to ensure that their baby is being wrapped up properly before you place them down to rest. If swaddled correctly, you can be more confident that your child is safe when they are sleeping. We will go over these steps and some tips to ensure the safety of your child.

  1. Spread out your blanket on a soft flat surface and slightly fold in one corner
  2. Place your baby down on their back, with their head poking out the top of the folded corner
  3. Keeping their arms inside, wrap one side (left or right) of the blanket over the top of your babies body, ensuring that their head and neck are out of the blanket
  4. Tuck that corner of the blanket between their body and opposite arm
  5. Pull the bottom corner of the blanket up over the baby's feet and body and tuck to one side of their body
  6. Fold over the remaining side of the blanket and tuck underneath their body

Following these simple steps will help guide you in how to effectively and safely swaddle your baby so they can sleep better. In addition to the swaddling procedure, there are a few key things to remember as well to ensure it is being done correctly.

Things to Remember When Swaddling your Baby

When you are swaddling your baby, you want to wrap the blanket tightly but not too tight. The blanket should feel secure around their body but not overly tight. When you wrap the baby's legs, you want their hips to be loose so they can move them slightly. They should be able to bend their legs. You will want to be careful not to restrain their hips; this can cause damage and possible hip dysplasia.

Another thing you want to keep in mind is the type of blanket you are using to swaddle your baby. There are specific blankets made for swaddling that are thin and breathable. They are easy to wrap and won’t be too warm for the baby. The blanket should be a baby-sized blanket that is not too large and bulky. One that can wrap entirely around your baby and keep its shape throughout the night.

How to Put your Swaddled Baby to Sleep

Once your baby is wrapped up in their swaddle blanket, you want to place them down into their crib or napping area safely. Firstly, it is recommended that you place your baby down flat on their backs. This position is safe and will reduce the risk of SIDS. Monitor your baby while they are sleeping, so you ensure they do not roll over.

It is also vital that you do not have other loose blankets or cushions in the crib. Having loose objects in their crib could also put your baby at risk of suffocating while sleeping. Similarly, you don't want any other hard object in their bed either, which could also be harmful.

Lastly, since swaddling may increase the chances that your baby overheats, ensure that you are monitoring them and look for signs of sweating or flushed cheeks. The blanket you are using may be too thick for swaddling.

When do You Swaddle your Baby?

Swaddling is appropriate for babies up until they are about 3 or 4 months old. It is intended for newborn babies that have minor mobility capabilities to help them calm down and get used to being out of the womb. Once a baby is able to roll over on their own, it is no longer a good idea to swaddle them. They are more likely to roll over in their sleep, and if they are swaddled, this could be very dangerous.

Once your baby is able to roll over on their own, they may be used to and still need that tight feeling in order to fall asleep quickly. When a baby is no longer being swaddled, there are some ways that you can still create this comfort and help them with this transition to sleeping freely. There are unique sleeping sacks that are made for older infants that still wrap around their feet so that they are snug but still allowing their arms to be free.

Why Should I Swaddle My Baby?

There are a few great reasons why swaddling can be beneficial for both you and your baby. Swaddling often helps babies fall asleep and allows them to stay asleep for longer periods. It helps to refrain them from their natural startle movements, where otherwise they may wake themselves up. Wrapping your baby at night has also been shown to calm down colicky babies. Even if your baby is not sleeping, it helps to soothe them and keep them relaxed. Ultimately, swaddling your baby will help your baby get more rest and relax more easily.

Additionally, if your baby gets more rest, as a parent, you have more time for yourself. The extra time your baby spends sleeping will allow you to either get rest yourself, spend on some much-needed you time, or possibly give you more time to cook healthy meals. New mothers will have more time to focus on themselves and get their minds and body back to what they used to be. Maybe you can splurge on a new outfit. Or perhaps you might want to buy one of Bellefit's multiple Girdles to find a design that works for you and help boost your body confidence. Wearing a girdle or a new outfit can do wonders for a new mom's confidence and help you be more you. All in all, if your newborn baby rests well, you will also have more time for yourself. You deserve it.

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