"I basically have my pre-pregnancy figure back after having a baby almost 4 weeks ago!"

"I basically have my pre-pregnancy figure back after having a baby almost 4 weeks ago!"

When Laura D. was pregnant with her first baby, her very supportive sister was determined to find a garment that would help Laura get her pre-pregnancy body back after birth. So after much online research, they discovered that Bellefit was the best choice for Laura’s recovery.

“My sister began researching ways for me to get my body back after pregnancy and discovered Bellefit.”

I ordered a large corset and medium girdle with side zipper for my recovery because I didn’t know if I would be delivering naturally or by c-section.” recalls Laura.

Laura delivered her baby girl via C-section. “My daughter was born on a Wednesday and I was discharged from the hospital on the following Saturday. So I started wearing the corset Sunday. It was a little snug at first, but it made me feel much more secure. I barely noticed my incision when I was wearing it.”
Laura realized that wearing her Bellefit garments regularly would give her the results.

pre-pregnancy figure back with bellefit corset

she thought “I started out on the larger setting of the corset, and slept comfortably in it every other night.

After about 5 days, I scaled down to the smaller setting and continued my routine of sleeping in it every other night.

  • My belly button started going back to normal after about a week. I decided to try wearing the medium girdle after about 2 weeks.
  • It was really hard to get zipped up at first. I had to fight it the first couple days I wore it.
  • I’ve been wearing the girdle every day for the last week, and it is super easy to zip up now.
  • It is a little snug on my ribs, but its feeling almost lose across my stomach now!”

We often hear moms say that wearing a Bellefit girdle gives them amazing results even before they are able to exercise “I have done absolutely no core exercising because my incision is still a bit tender, but I basically have my pre-pregnancy figure back after having a baby almost 4 weeks ago!”
What about the skeptics in Laura’s family? “My mom had been extremely skeptical about me using a postpartum girdle, but after seeing how much it’s helped me and how quickly I am recovering, she is amazed and a total believer!!”
Laura D. is relieved of how much wearing a Bellefit girdle helped her not only get back to her pre-pregnancy shape, but also how much better she felt while recovering from her C-section
“The Bellefit products are AMAZING!!!
I could not be happier with the results. I am still wearing the girdle about every other day. It takes so much stress off of my stomach and incision. My stomach now looks the same with or without the girdle.
My before pictures are from the day I came home from the hospital. The afters pictures are after wearing my Bellefit corset and girdle for three weeks. :-)”
~ Laura D.


This Article was brought to you in collaboration with Bellefit, the makers of the best postpartum girdles

Founded in 2008 Bellefit® is the most mom-trusted and awarded brand of postpartum girdles & corsets for recovery after c-section or natural childbirth. Bellefit® girdles come in five designs made using proprietary compression fabrics. Their unique design features triple-layered reinforced front and back support panels.

As a woman-owned company, Bellefit® is no stranger to the challenges new moms face during and after pregnancy. The company helps women feel supported and confident in their changing bodies.

Bellefit Girdles

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