I Owe All My Getting Back into Shape to My Bellefit Girdle

I Owe All My Getting Back into Shape to My Bellefit Girdle

I love my Bellefit postpartum compression girdle!

I delivered my youngest child only eight weeks ago and I was able to get into my pre-pregnancy clothes only days after having him. This was not possible with my first child.
My best friend told me about the Bellefit postpartum girdle. My Friend had her second child just a month before I had mine. She was wearing hers and I asked her about it, where she got it and how she liked it. she said she was absolutely in love with the product. That it helped her feel more comfort as she was recovering from her delivery. It was also helping her loose inches quicker.

I got back into shape after using my bellefit postpartum girdle

Any of us who’ve had children know that even after you come home from the hospital that for weeks to months later you still have a bit of a bulge. Which makes you look like you’re still three months pregnant. Every woman hates that dreaded first question when you go to the grocery store and someone says, “hey, when are you due?” and you think, “I just had my baby! I’m not pregnant, don’t you see? I’m not pregnant again!!!.” I got that a lot with my first son who is now four years old. I was trying to avoid that at all costs with this one.

It is completely due to the Bellefit Girdle that I’ve been able to walk around with confidence this time.

Even days after having my son, people would stop me and say, ” oh my gosh, you did not just have a baby!” It’s amazing the confidence that Bellefit gives a woman after going through the grueling labor and everything that us ladies go through to bring a precious child into the world.


Not having time to work out or to necessarily even eat right, I owe getting back into shape to my favorite friends at Bellefit.

If you have any questions, they would be more than happy to explain the process to you more.
I can just give my testimony that I absolutely love it. – Tiffany W.

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 08, 2016
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