Important Benefits of Paternity Leave that are Often Overlooked by First-Time Dads

Important Benefits of Paternity Leave that are Often Overlooked by First-Time Dads

According to a UNICEF analysis, nearly 90 million children under 1 year old live in countries where their fathers aren't entitled by law to even a single day of paternity leave. While the United States government doesn't support paid national paternity leave, more and more companies are offering paid parental leave for fathers too.

There are many benefits to taking paternity leave both within the workplace and with families.

For one, offering family leave to both genders is a leap towards breaking down traditional gender stereotypes that hold back women's careers. It also increases employee satisfaction and allows working fathers to be more present with their children.

Still, with these apparent benefits and more companies offering paternity leave than ever before, some men feel pressure against accepting paid paternity leave. There are traditional workplace cultures in the US that still punish the family man — new dads have been fired, demoted, or passed on for career opportunities for prioritizing their families.

In this article, we'll uncover the long-lasting benefits of paternity leave both at home and within organizations.

Workplaces That Offer Paid Paternity Leave Have A More Positive Organizational Culture

When your company offers paid paternity leave, claim it
If your company offers paid paternity leave, claim it.

When only women are offered paid parental leave to care for their new baby, it pushes men and women further into traditional gender roles — men as breadwinners and women as the family care-takers. This makes it less likely for women to advance in their careers when they're left to pick up the duties at home.

Offering leave benefits to both expecting mothers and fathers creates a lasting positive impact on the business by increasing job loyalty and satisfaction which in turn, trends with increased productivity and employee morale.

Paternity Leave Gives Fathers Time To Bond With Newborn

Paternity leave can help you nurture a strong bond with the newborn
Nurture a strong bond with your newborn by taking paternity leave.

The newborn phase (up to two months old) of a child's life is a critical bonding time with parents. According to the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWNONN), when fathers delay bonding with their children, they risk altering their long-term course of parental involvement through to childhood.

Fathers with increased time to bond with their newborn, thanks to paternity pay, experience less stress and feel more confident stepping into their role as a father.

Studies show there are many benefits to the development of children when fathers are present. A strong father-child bond can help boost mental development and increase emotional stability.

Fathers Who Take Paternity Leave Are Less Likely To Get Divorced

As a father, you can help new mom after childbirth by claiming your paternity leave
You can stay at home and help the new mom deal with pregnancy and even post-pregnancy stress.

The female postpartum recovery is no walk in the park. On top of recovering from vaginal or c-section deliveries, new moms are now adjusting to life with a newborn with drastic lifestyle changes and new responsibilities. No matter what the Instagram moms show you, this isn't always a glamorous life, and it can cause a lot of insecurity and stress for new moms.

In a recent paper looking at the lasting benefits of fathers who take paternity leave — even short periods of paternity leave —are less likely to go through a divorce as children reach school age.

This is likely due to the fact that present fathers take a lot of the strain out of the new duties of parenthood by splitting household chores and quality time with infants. This paid family leave period, helps set a positive tone for couples' new lives together with their children.

A Swedish Study Concludes Paid Paternity Leave Increases Both Spousal Earnings

You can alternatively work and take care of newly born
Interesting Swedish study proposes family leave increases household earnings over time

Unfortunately, it's true that the United States is the only industrialized country without paid parental leave. The Swedish government has implemented a more family-centric approach and grants both parents up to 480 days of paid parental leave (each parent has a right to 90 of those days exclusively) at about 80% of their salary.

An economic study found that the impact of granting fathers the ability to take leave from work without financial strain, increases both partners' earnings over time. Sweden is also a leader in female labor participation among advanced economies, and it's attributed to the encouragement of fathers to take paternity leave.

Tips for Making Paternity Leave Work For Your Family

Applying for paternity leave in advance can help you make it work well
Start preparing for your paternity leave as soon as possible.

Find Out Your Company's Paternity Leave Policy And Save Early

As we've mentioned earlier, not all companies grant benefits for paternity leave. Reach out to the human resources department to learn about your company's policies for paid family leave.

Once you've figured out your paternity leave pay, you may need to adjust your budget and save to accommodate your family's upcoming expenses — most paternity leave benefits won't cover 100% of your salary.

Even if your employer doesn't offer paid leave for new fathers. You may qualify for The Family Medical Leave Act (FLMA), which provides some employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid family leave. There are a lot of requirements needed in order to qualify for this, but if you do, by now you should understand the many benefits of taking paternity leave.

Family Leave Is Not A Vacation

Sorry to burst your bubble if you were under the impression that "paternal leave" is code for vacation — it's not.

Both parents find adjusting to a newborn baby to be a highly stressful period. It'll take team-work from both parties, patience, a lot of towels, and coffee (for dad) to survive the newborn phase — but trust us when we say the tears and all the hard work is worth the most rewarding experience of parenthood.

Work Out A Schedule With Your Family

As each family and circumstance is unique, consider establishing a household schedule of who will be taking leave and when.

Some parents choose to take time off together, while others will stagger their leave to prolong the time before parents will need to pay for childcare.

Encourage Your Partner To Talk To Other Dads

Reach out to other parents and ask them about their paternity leave experience.

You can find a lot of support from friends and families who may have undergone similar situations and can offer you their insight to the experience. It's important for fathers to stand up for themselves and make the importance of paid paternity leave known to their employers.

Paternity leave, combined with maternity leave can help parents take care of their newborn well
Your paternity leave can help the new mom go back to work while you take care of the newborn.

Most Importantly, Don't Forget To Take Care Of Yourself And Trust The Recovery Process

Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of new factors to consider when bringing new life into the world.

With your partner committing to spend more time with the family, you can rest assured that both you and your baby will be well taken care of as you adjust to your new life together.

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How did you help your partner to take his paternity leave? Our readers would love to benefit from your experiences by getting some more insights as to why dads should take paternity leave.
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