5 Tips for Losing Weight After Baby and Staying Healthy, You May Not Like #3

5 Tips for Losing Weight After Baby and Staying Healthy, You May Not Like #3

How to Heal Faster After Childbirth

As a pregnant woman, you’re required to follow lots of advice. From well-meaning family members to doctors and their orders, you’ve got to give yourself credit for keeping everything straight. If you think that giving birth lets you off the hook, you’re wrong because there is a whole new territory to traverse physically and emotionally for postpartum body care.

A Big Fat No-No Until Your Body Has Had a Chance to Heal. The following list provides valuable insight and advice on how to lose weight after baby and what not to do after giving birth to a child.

By following these tips and the suggestions given to you by your physician, you decrease the chances of you injuring yourself or delaying your postpartum body recovery. You’ll be able to get back to your normal routine in no time after you’ve fully healed, so be patient!

1. Avoid Strenuous Exercising

Low Impact Postpartum Exercise is Best

Low-impact exercises such as walking and yoga can promote weight loss, help with stress levels, give you a sense of purpose, and tone your postpartum body. You should do these forms of exercise in place of high intensity aerobic workouts and running until you’ve been cleared by your doctor.

Postpartum body health tips
Avoid strenuous exercise

2. What do You Mean by No Caffeine?

No coffee after pregnancy

Refrain from drinking caffeinated beverages especially if you’re breastfeeding as the stimulant could wind up being ingested by your baby through your breast milk. Aim instead for herbal teas with no caffeine and lots of clear, moisturizing water. You’re going to want to remain amply hydrated so you look and feel your best.

Postpartum body do's and don'ts
No to caffeine for now

3. No Alcohol After Pregnancy

Not even a sip

To prevent problems with your baby’s brain and development, it’s imperative not to drink while nursing a child. Alcohol is completely off-limits until your little one is weaned off the breast. Save that glass of wine for when your baby is a whole lot older and your postpartum body has completely healed, ok?

No alcohol for your postpartum body
Skip the alcohol, especially if you are breastfeeding.

4. Stay Away from Junk Food

There's a reason it has the word "junk"

The standard American diet isn’t anything to be excited about. It includes a lot of processed foods filled with sugar, fat, and sodium. Although it may be tempting to indulge in your favorite junk foods, it’s not going to add to your health in any way. In fact, it may even make losing the pregnancy weight you gained harder.

No to junk food and fast food!
Eat healthy and stay away from fast food and junk food as much as possible.

5. Avoid Certain Types of Fish Including Swordfish and King Mackerel

These Fish Have Higher Amounts of Mercury

Mercury is still a concern after you’ve given birth. Avoid fish such as Swordfish and King Mackerel. You can eat small amounts of tuna if you want but make sure that it is light and that you have it no more than once a week.

Raw salmon steaks
Some fish are no-nos

It’s important that you steer clear of these things until your postpartum body has had time to fully heal and that you’re no longer breastfeeding your child. That way, you’re not taking any chances on you or your baby’s health. Instead, you’re postponing some of the things you may really be looking forward to doing, eating or drinking.

Something to Look Forward to in the Future. Now that you know what is off-limits until after you’ve healed or stopped breastfeeding, you can spend more time doing the things that you can do without thinking much about the things that you can’t. There will be plenty of time for it in the future.

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Do you have other things you think should be added to this list of no-nos after childbirth? Please comment for all the pregnant women and moms who may need guidance on the subject.

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