Infant Massage: Why Newborns Love This Therapy!

Infant Massage: Why Newborns Love This Therapy!

If you love a good massage, you’re not alone. Who doesn’t enjoy the healing effects that come from a good rub down? When it comes to massages, adults aren’t the only people who benefit from them. Newborns also enjoy infant massage therapy!

If you know little about baby massage, don’t worry. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be well-informed about its benefits. You’ll even know how to gently massage your infant at home. The soothing action serves as a go-to resource for helping your baby feel his or her very best at all times.

The following list explains what infant massage does for a child, and why we, at Bellefit, love the healing modality.

The Gastrointestinal Tract Functions Better

Digestion in infants improves with regular massage
Baby massages help their digestive system work better.

Digestion occurs easier because of the massages that are given to your baby. There are fewer instances of constipation or stomach upset, too.

Muscle Tone is Normalized

babies getting regular massages have tight skin
Regular massages to the newborns keep their skin tight and healthy.

Babies don’t have loose skin on their bodies because it is constantly being massaged which helps break up fatty deposits.

Physical Therapist Mary Evans states that the motions during newborn massage should mimic “brushing sand off a child’s body after going to the beach,” for optimal effect.

Circulation Improves with Infant Massage Therapy

lymphatic system in infants improves with this therapy
Baby massages also improves their lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system helps move waste products out of the body, and blood flow improves in areas that have been massaged.

A stagnant lymph doesn’t do what it is supposed to by moving fluid around.

The Neurological Development of the Child’s Brain is Enhanced

regular massages helps in child's brain development
Babies getting regular massages have shown faster brain development.

Babies benefit from the extra time and attention spent with them which helps their brains develop quickly.

Baby massage helps them process the world around them as well as better understand your relationship to them.

Regular Baby Massage Combats Sleep Issues

Babies relax after a good massage
A good massage makes your baby sleep and relax quite well.

Babies relax better and sleep more soundly due to regular massage.

Their bodies are at peace and they don’t have painful conditions keeping them from falling or staying asleep throughout the day or night.

Massage Relieves Painful Congestion, Gas, and Colic

Massage your baby's tummy when in pain
Tender massages over your baby's tummy helps them relieve from gas troubles.

When a child is in discomfort, tenderly massage their tummy as it helps. It can be done after nursing them to alleviate gas bubbles.

Baby Massage Reduces Cortisol Levels

Even a new mom can easily feel the stress of a newborn
Regularly massaging your newborn keeps their stress level low.

Known as the stress hormone, cortisol levels decrease when newborn massage is a regular part of a baby’s routine.

As you can see by the list above, there are many compelling reasons to make infant massage a regular thing you do with your baby.

It helps them grow and develop better as well as relieves a myriad of physical symptoms. Babies gain a better sense of the world around them and feel more safe and secure in their surroundings.

The bond with their parents deepens because of all the one-on-one time that is spent together, too.

Parent-Infant Bonding and Attachment Takes Place During Massage Sessions

Develop parental bonding with the newborn
Massage is the best tool to enhance parent infant bonding.

Infant massage brings babies closer to their parents through a process known as parent-infant bonding and attachment.

When a mother and father are able to look their baby in the eye, touch their skin, and use their voice to gain looks of familiarity and relief on the child’s face, it’s very comforting.

The sense of smell is engaged, movement takes place, and thermal regulation comes naturally thanks to infant massage. Babies have an easier time growing and developing because massage promotes the release of hormones in the body, too.

As infant massage helps relieve newborns, postpartum massage helps new moms get adept to the motherhood experience. Hormone regulation, stress reduction, reduced swelling, enhanced relaxation and better breastfeeding experience are some of the many benefits of it.

Postpartum massage speeds healing C-section recovery
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In addition, regular use of postpartum girdles right after your pregnancy can speed up your recovery quite considerably. Postpartum corsets and girdles are great on their own, but when used in combination with massage therapy, it will have you looking and feeling your best in no time. Don't live with pain and low self-confidence - invest in a postpartum corset today!

Don't hesitate to let us know, if you have any special tip to help new moms offer a better massage therapy to their newborns.
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