Top 5 Signs to Know You are Ovulating

Top 5 Signs to Know You are Ovulating

So, you want to know if you’re ovulating or not. What signs do you look for? Does your behavior change? What about your mood? There are some telling signs to look for which indicate that you’re ovulating, highly fertile, ready to conceive and can get pregnant easily.

We’ve listed them below for your convenience.

1. Increased Sex Drive Means You are Ovulating

a sudden increase in sex drive means you are ready to conceive
You will feel an extra urge for having sex when ovulating.

If you feel the urge to have more sex during this time, it’s the body’s way of telling you that you’re highly fertile. This specific time of the month is perfect for baby making.

Physiologically, you’re feeling the urge because your body is telling you to mate and procreate. Your partner might be surprised at your sudden increase in libido as you get ready for pregnancy.

2. Hyper-sensitivities Means You are Ready to Conceive

Are you feeling hypersensitive!
You will feel all your senses hyper sensitive when you start ovulating.

If you’ve discovered that your senses are in overdrive, it could be due to your ovulation process.

If you’re seeing clearer, smelling stronger, hearing louder, tasting with greater awareness or noticing that your sense of touch has increased, it’s due to the changes in your body.

It’s like you’re superhuman because you’re so in tune with your senses!

3. Tender Breasts and Lower Abdomen Pain Signals High Fertility

Ovulating women feel tender breasts and slight pain in lower abdomen
Tender breasts and lower abdomen pain signals high fertility in you.

This is a sign that the egg is dropping in the body. You’ll notice discomfort during this time of the month.

Your breasts will be super tender and you’ll feel cramping in your lower abdomen. These are signs that you’re ovulating or will be soon ready to conceive easily.

4. Thinner Discharge Means Sperms are Welcomed

mucus gets thinner in fertile woman
When you notice thinner discharge, it means you are ovulating.

This is so that it creates an environment that welcomes sperm into it. You may notice that the mucus is much thinner.

After ovulation, it goes back to normal state which is much thicker in consistency. You’ll notice the change each month as it happens.

5. Your Base Body Temperature Slightly Increases When You are Ovulating

Keep a check on your body temperature to know if you are ready to conceive
Noticing a slight increase in your normal body temperature means you are in ovulation process.

The basal body temperature decreases while ovulating. It increases after your body is done with ovulation. You can keep track of your temperatures and notice a slight fluctuation during this time of the month.

The more aware you are that your body is ovulating, the better prepared you become to embrace the experience of getting pregnant easily.

You’ll know when your menstrual cycle will start as well as the best times of the month for conceiving. If you haven’t gotten pregnant yet and want to start trying, knowing how you ovulate helps.

Use an App to Track Ovulation and Know When You are Most Fertile

Mobile apps can help you track your ovulation cycle
Many mobile apps are available these days, where you can easily track your ovulation process.

There are distinct signs telling you that you’re ovulating and highly fertile. Knowing when your body is the most fertile allows you to become pregnant easier. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant without any luck, downloading an app to your phone that tells you which days of the month you’re ovulating can help.

It’s one of the many tools available for tracking your menstrual cycle and fertility.

Getting ready for pregnancy is just the first step towards your journey to motherhood. No doubt, it is exciting but some women are quite apprehensive knowing that their body might change post pregnancy. Although, a proactive approach would help you stay as gorgeous post pregnancy as you are today.

Your pro-active approach even before conceiving can help you keep your body in shape post pregnancy
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How about letting us know if you have detected any other critical sign in your body which signaled that you were ovulating and got pregnant?
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