Labor Fears and How to Get Rid of Them

Labor Fears and How to Get Rid of Them

If you have concerns about labor but aren’t sure if they’re valid, don’t worry. Misinformation can cause unnecessary fear. Having the information needed to prepare for your labor is key. It allows you to take advantage of the situation so that you’re in control of your body and emotions before delivering your child.

The following list reveals common labor fears as well as tips for overcoming them.

A C-Section is Inevitable for Me!

If you want to increase your chances of giving birth vaginally, hire a doula to assist you with the birthing process. The non-medical assistant possesses knowledge about how your body should be positioned to help assist labor. The doula will also provide soothing massages which calm fears and advocate for the best possible medical treatment of you and your baby. If a C-Section does prove to be inevitable for you, know that it’s a quick and easy process that allows your partner to be in the room with you. Many women have the procedure done with no real side effects and minimal scarring.

It is Going to Hurt So Bad!

If you make yoga a part of your everyday routine leading up to your delivery date, you’ll experience less pain. Not only will you be able to move and breathe more succinctly, you’ll also find that you can apply the technique to help with labor pains. Use a guided visualization that has been pre-recorded to take your mind off the pain and onto a beach in Maui or lakefront cottage in Colorado. Birthing classes don’t eliminate pain but instead, teach you tips to help push past discomfort. When you focus on your breathe and pair it with the contractions you’re having, you’ll be able to give birth easier and with a lot less pain.

The Baby is Going to Get Stuck While I’m Delivering!

Rocking back and forth can prevent this from occurring. In fact, it’s advisable to use a birthing ball to help shake things up. By doing so, you’re opening up the pelvis wide to allow room for the baby to come through gently. You won’t need to worry about ripping and tearing horribly because you’ll not have that problem if you move a lot. If the baby does get stuck because it’s too big or you’ve grown tired of pushing, the doctor will assist in getting the child out as gently as possible. It may require the use of a pair of forceps or vacuum which supplies pressure that helps pull the infant out of the birth canal.

The fears listed here are legitimate as many pregnant women aren’t sure what to expect even after speaking in detail with their OBGYN. By seeking out answers and following the advice listed above, you’re able to take action and prevent difficulties from shaping your labor experience.

Labor isn’t something you should fear. With the right knowledge, you’ll know how to prepare your mind and body for pregnancy. Once you’re aware of what will occur physically, you’ll be able to ready yourself mentally for this stage of your pregnancy.

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Oct 25, 2019
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