Making a Practical Baby Registry

Making a Practical Baby Registry

As you prepare yourself and your home for baby's arrival keep in mind that a Baby Shower will be happening at some point during your pregnancy. This tradition can be quite convenient given that loved ones are always excited to take part in the preparations. To ensure that you don't miss any necessary items, check out our useful guide to making a practical baby registry.

Choosing Where to Register

Choosing the right place for your baby registry is the first and most important step. Since the purpose of the registry is for your loved ones to gift you the items you need most, consider making this process easy and accessible for everyone. Choosing an online registry is the most modern and simple way to create an easy-to-access registry. If the online thing is not for you, then registering at a large chain store such as Target, Walmart, Kmart or Babies R Us, is beneficial since these stores are open throughout most of North America. The good news is that nowadays most locations also have online stores which is great for both the people who prefer to shop online as well as for you to edit your registry from the comfort of your home.


Choosing When to Register

Starting a baby registry can be a bit overwhelming. You will need time to make sure you are happy with your choices and to know that you are not missing anything. Get a head start on creating your registry as soon as you know what you need and where you will be registering. The beauty of this is that you don't have to announce your baby registry to anyone until it is ready to go. Be sure to have it ready at least two to three weeks before your baby shower to allow time for your guests to purchase the items they want to gift to you.


Make a List by Priority

Make a list of the most important items that you will need. For example, a crib, bedding, pack-n-play, changing table, dresser, stroller, car seat, bathtub, breast pump, diaper bag, slider, swing and baby monitors. These higher cost items are great to have in a registry since your loved ones will probably race to be the ones that buy you the biggest and most necessary items first. This also gives your loved ones the option of sharing cost and going in together on the larger purchases.

Avoid the Little Things

Avoid adding small items such as specialty clothing, shoes, and accessories that are too specific or rare. Chances are that your loved ones will gift such items to you anyway, so abstain from cluttering your baby registry with clothing and items that are hard to find. Instead, add items such as diapers or even offer the option of gift cards so that you can choose what you need on your own.


Consider Gift Cards & Other Meaningful Gifts

There are some people who would rather get you a gift card than choose an item from your registry, so why not add that option on there as well? On the plus side, you can get anything you want or need with gift cards. Also, some of your loved ones will want to spoil you with more meaningful gifts such as cooking and even cleaning! We say, Why not? Right?


Bring a Buddy

When you go to the store to open your baby registry, it's always best to bring a buddy. It can be your spouse or partner, a friend or even better a fellow mom. Having someone come along will help you make objective decisions and avoid you from going too crazy adding unnecessary items that you may never use.


Add Lower Cost Items

Some people will prefer to buy a lot of things from your registry to help you get a head start. Add smaller cost items that come in value packs such as bibs, baby bottles, burp cloths, receiving blankets, diapers, baby wipes, baby gowns and onesies. These are all items that you will use a lot and that add up in cost, having them gifted to you from your baby registry can be a huge benefit.

Don't Forget About Yourself!

Yes, we know that the name is "Baby Registry" but there is no denying that moms need a lot of care too. So don't be shy and be sure to add items for your postpartum recovery as well.

Ready to get Started? Here are some of the most popular registry websites:

Whether you're adopting, already had your first or expecting two or more, making a practical baby registry is the way to go. Taking time to make practical choices will help you avoid having to make pesky returns since you will only receive the items that you truly need.

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