Natural Ways to Induce Labor

Natural Ways to Induce Labor

If you want labor to come naturally, there are some things you can do to induce it yourself without the assistance of a medical professional. The advantages of not needing to be induced by a doctor are that your baby arrives when he or she is ready. Versus when he or she is expected. It gives you more time to prepare because you know that once you’re ready to give birth. You can do the things necessary to induce labor while at the hospital.

This guide offers some natural ways to induce labor while pregnant.

a natural way to induce labor is walking


Gravity has its way of helping your baby drop into your pelvis. The pressure that is caused while walking can help your cervix prepare itself for labor. The more you walk, the better you’ll feel, too. You’ll be better prepared for when it is time for you to deliver because you’ve been working on getting your baby to drop.

Tip: Invest in good footwear because you’ll need the extra cushioning when your feet are swollen. They’ll also prevent you from falling if they have sole with a good grip on them.

Eating spicy food will help induce labor. Make sure to eat carefully not to get heartburn.

Spicy Food

Eating something spicy irritates your intestines. This causes your uterus to contract. You’ll want to be careful, though, because you don’t want to overdo it and cause a terrible case of heartburn. It may taste good to have hot sauce or chilis in a dish. There is no medical proof that this is a surefire way to induce pregnancy naturally. Eat as you wish but don’t overdo if you can’t handle it.

Tip: Keep a cup of yogurt or yogurt-based smoothie nearby to help cool down your mouth if eating really spicy food.

Acupuncture helps induce labor by stimulating your uterus.


Inserting pins into the skin can help stimulate the uterus. If you want to coax your baby to move right along, see an acupuncturist for a treatment. It’s a safe and natural way to go into labor without the need to be induced. Acupuncture has many benefits that treat pregnancy-related symptoms, too, so it’s worth looking into at the start of your pregnancy.

Tip: Acupuncture helps with sleep issues, headache, and depression, making it an effective therapy to consider during the latter weeks of your pregnancy.


The pressure point located in the web between your thumb and your pointer finger can be pressed as a way to help induce labor naturally. It’s always best to consult your healthcare practitioner first before doing any type of bodywork yourself. You don’t want to do anything that could potentially harm you or your child.

Tip: Pressing on certain pressure points on your body while pregnant can help relieve symptoms of nausea.

Use the tips listed above as ways to naturally induce labor.

You’ll have better control over where it happens that way. You won’t be on the road on the way to the hospital when your baby decides to come. You’ll have prior notice that he or she is ready to make their entrance into the world!

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