4 Facts About A New Mom's Post Baby Body

4 Facts About A New Mom's Post Baby Body

What Happens To Your Body After Pregnancy?

Now that you’ve just spent the last nine months pregnant, you’re probably wondering what will happen to your body within the first twenty-four hours after delivering. How will your post baby body look?

This is a good question considering the weight you’ve gained and lost during that time frame. Delivering a healthy baby helps you lose some of the pregnancy weight immediately. You may also find that without action, it’s hard to let go of some of the remaining stubborn pounds.

Lucky for you, Bellefit products are all about making pregnancy, delivery, nursing, and recovery easy. That way, you’re able to return to the shape you were in prior to learning you were pregnant.

You’re able to overcome the changes in your post baby body that occurred from hormone surges, the shift of your internal organs, and the steady weight gain that you experienced as a new mother. Excess weight as well as pain following a C-Section are addressed with medical devices such as C-Section girdles.

To better understand the birthing process, what takes place following it, and what exactly to expect from your post baby body, pay close attention to this list.

1. The Post-Delivery Baby Bump

Having a big tummy is normal.

Due to the changes in your uterus, abdominal muscles, and skin, you’ll still appear to have a baby bump despite giving birth to your child or children. It’s perfectly normal and to be expected following delivery.

post baby body mommy
Still looking pregnant right after birth is normal as your body is still healing.

You shouldn’t be concerned about the appearance of your stomach during the first few hours after giving birth because the body has gone through trauma and is attempting to naturally heal itself.

2. Fluid Retention Remains an Issue

You'll still feel bloated.

Following delivery, you’ll notice that you still feel somewhat bloated despite losing 10 to 13 pounds of weight with your child, the placenta, and amniotic fluid.

post baby body bloat
Water retention can last up to a week after giving birth.

The water weight that you retain will find its way out of your body in the upcoming week after giving birth. You’ll either sweat it out at night or urinate enough to rid yourself of the fluid that was retained post-delivery.

3. Bleeding Will Occur

You'll have to wear menstrual pads.

Your post baby body will expel excess blood for several days after having your child. Wearing menstrual pads helps you feel fresh and clean. You’ll notice that after the extra blood, mucus, and tissue is gone, you’ll feel better.

ob gyn
Consult your OB GYN.

If the bleeding persists for longer than a week or week and a half, contact your healthcare practitioner for further advice.

4. Pelvic Pain and Soreness

The pain and soreness will eventually go away.

Your body will hurt following a vaginal birth or C-Section. You’ll find that some areas feel extra tender while others do not. The size of your breasts will likely change, too, with them swelling more in an attempt to nourish your child. Working with a lactation coach right away can help nursing your baby be a comfortable experience for both you and the infant.

Using a postpartum girdle will also change your life as a new mother by helping you combat swelling by compressing it. After you have given birth, the pain and swelling in your abdomen and pelvic area can be difficult to deal with. By investing in a Bellefit postpartum girdle, you can lessen your recovery time, and relieve pain, that comes from the birthing process, through light pressure and support.

Postpartum girdles also promote better posture by alleviating stress on your lower back and spine. Best of all, you have plenty of options to choose from style-wise so you feel comfortable, beautiful, and sexy at all times.

post baby body girdle by Bellefit
Bellefit Postpartum Girdles & Corsets – Medical-Grade, FDA-Registered, Recommended Since 2008. Available in 8 Styles & in Plus Sizes.

Whether you opt to buy a single garment or a bundle from Bellefit, one thing is certain. You’ll ease the transition from pregnancy to motherhood by investing in a corset, thong, or girdle.

Are you still worried about your post baby body, now that you've learned that Bellefit products can save the day? If you're a new mom who has tried one of our shapewear, please feel free to share your feedback or experience.

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