Postpartum Abdominal Binder - How it works and how it helps

Postpartum Abdominal Binder - How it works and how it helps

How to postpartum abdominal binders work? For centuries women across multiple countries and cultures have used belly binding post-pregnancy. So why is this such a big thing, and does it actually help? In this article we will break down all the misconceptions and truths around postpartum abdominal binders.

What is a postpartum abdominal binder?

A postpartum abdominal binder is a garment that you wear after you give birth. This garment supports your post-pregnancy belly and helps you recover quicker from your pregnancy. An abdominal binder is one of the many garments used for this purpose, and there are plenty of other options if you don’t like binders. Postpartum belly wraps, girdles, corsets, and waist trainers all work to produce the same result. The difference with an abdominal binder is they are often medical-grade and provide compression.

Does it work?

As a pregnant woman there are many products designed to get your money and not provide what they claim. It can be incredibly frustrating to figure out which products work and which don’t. There are so many benefits to wearing a postpartum abdominal binder that it can seem too good to be true. I mean, it’s just a piece of fabric, how can it help so much? Well, scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of postpartum binders. Turns out they do work.

Benefits of Wearing an Abdominal Binder

According to a study published in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, “Patients who received abdominal binders reported less pain, lower SDS scores, and higher hemoglobin and hematocrit levels following cesarean delivery.” In another study published by Physiotherapy, women who used an abdominal binder were able to walk farther than others without it. This means that women who had a C-section and were given abdominal binders had less pain, lost less blood, and were able to perform physical activity more than other women who were not given abdominal binders.

How does it work?

Medically – abdominal binders have been proven to work to reduce pain, but what about the other claims? How can an abdominal binder help with weight loss? During pregnancy your body releases a hormone called relaxin. This hormone relaxes your muscles and your ligaments so that they can stretch to accommodate your baby. After you give birth, the relaxin is still active for a few months. During this time a binder pushes the muscles back together while your body tightens back up.

In addition, the support that a postpartum abdominal binder provides relieves extra stress on your abdomen and supports your muscles. This relieves the pain you experience after childbirth, and helps you be able to exercise faster. The binder itself is not going to cause weight loss, but it provides you the support you need to be able to exercise – which will cause weight loss.

Pros of an abdominal binder

There are many pros to using an abdominal binder including:

  • Diastasis Recti relief: A common condition that many women experience after giving birth is diastasis recti. Diastasis recti is a condition where the abdominal muscles have separated during pregnancy and need to heal back together. One of the challenges with diastasis recti recovery is you can’t use you abdominal muscles. A postpartum abdominal binder prevents you from over-using your abdominal muscles thus speeding up your diastasis recti recovery. You can read more about how binders help with diastasis recti on our website.

Diastasis Recti

  • Stabilizing your abdomen: The compression on your abdomen pulls together all the ligaments, muscles, and organs in your body while they heal. This will ensure that your body goes back to its natural state without any problems.

  • Supporting your back: The structure of a postpartum binder provides support for your lower back. It can also prevent you from using poor posture. This support also restricts your ability to twist and stretch too much which can prevent your body from healing properly.

  • Speeding up C-section recovery: A binder reduces the pressure on your surgery incision. It also prevents your clothing from snagging on any stitches or staples.

When to use/when not to use

Many healthcare professionals recommend using an abdominal binder 24/7 starting two days after giving birth for the next six weeks. This is the main healing period for your abdominal area, and when a binder will be the most effective. You can use it after that time period, but it may not be as effective. One mom wrote about her experience using an abdominal binder which you can find at

For some women a postpartum abdominal binder may not be the best option for them. Any woman who shows signs of infection, had pregnancy complications like pre-eclampsia, or experienced amnionitis should probably avoid using a postpartum binder. You should always talk to your doctor to get their advice before trying anything new.

In Review

postpartum abdominal binder

Postpartum Abdominal Binder are great garments to help speed up your postpartum recovery. They can ease pain, support your back, stabilize your abdomen, provide diastasis recti relief, and even help with your C-section recovery. There are many different types of postpartum binder available on the market, but our postpartum binders are different. Made with medical-grade compression material, our postpartum garments registered with the FDA and proven to work. Check out what we have today and get back to feeling comfortable and confident in your postpartum body!

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