Pregnancy and Hot Tubs: 5 Need-To-Knows

Pregnancy and Hot Tubs: 5 Need-To-Knows

Can You Get in a Hot Tub While Pregnant?

Many women aren’t sure what they can and cannot do while pregnant. Even if they consult their primary care physician for advice, they find that there are many situations that come up that they didn’t think to ask about.

For example, do pregnancy and hot tubs mix? Is it safe for pregnant women to use a hot tub, sauna or to take hot baths and showers?

To fully understand why it could potentially be an issue, read further. Here is what you need to know about pregnancy and hot tubs, sauna -- in other words, heat during pregnancy!

Your doctor should be the one to give you clearance to use heat while carrying a child.

Consult your OB GYN.

talk to your doctor pregnancy and hot tubs
Pregnant woman consulting with her physician.

Based on your medical history, your physician knows what is best for you. While your baby is growing and developing, it’s important to keep the environment that they live in, your womb, under 102 degrees.

High heat can cause brain, spine, and spinal cord disorders in your baby. Spina bifida is of greatest concern because it occurs in the first month of pregnancy, and the risk heightens when the body overheats.

In other words, pregnancy and hot tubs aren't recommended.

You can adjust the temperature on your hot tub so it’s not dangerously high.

Try some temperature adjustment.

sauna pregnancy and hot tubs
Adjusting the temperature to 97-98 degrees which is safer to your baby if taking a bath

Temps are typically set at 100 to 104 degrees. You can turn down the heat and monitor the temperature with a thermometer if you choose to sit in the hot tub for short amounts of time. This is a workaround for the pregnancy and hot tubs issue you can try. This way, you can keep it between 97 to 98 degrees which isn’t as dangerous.

When in doubt, do without a hot soak. It’s better to be safe than put yourself and your unborn baby in danger.

Spending less time in the tub or sauna helps.

Don't soak too long!

jacuzzi pregnancy and hot tubs
Spending less time in hot tubs or soaking in hot baths is better for you and for baby.

Ten minutes tops is all it takes to keep you from becoming overheated.

If your physician has cleared you to do this, spend a short amount of time in the hot water. Get out immediately if you feel lightheaded or drowsy.

If you need assistance, ask a family member or friend to help, so you don’t injure yourself.

If you have chronic conditions, it’s best to avoid heat altogether.

Pregnancy, hot tubs, and chronic illnesses don't mix!

medications chronic illness
High risk pregnancies is best to stay away from hot tubs altogether.

If a chronic issue already compromises your health or you’re having a high risk or complicated pregnancy, avoid the heat. Always keep in mind that pregnancy and hot tubs don't mix, especially for pregnant women with chronic illnesses!

You don’t need to take ice cold showers and baths, though. Lukewarm water is best. Stay away from the hot tub and sauna completely until your doctor says it’s okay for you to start using them again.

Heed caution whenever doing anything while pregnant.

pregnancy and hot tubs facts
Tired pregnant woman

Although it may seem fitting to soak up the heat after a long day on your feet, you’re actually doing more harm than good even though the warmth soothes sore muscles.

Because your risk of dehydration, low blood pressure, and dizziness is greater during pregnancy, you’ll want to avoid engaging in behavior that causes those symptoms to worsen.

Better safe than sorry.

If you’ve ever taken a really hot shower or bath and felt lightheaded afterward, you’ll understand why we're warning you against mixing pregnancy and hot tubs. You could fall and hurt yourself and your baby which is something you don’t want to do!

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Have you ever been in a hot tub, jacuzzi, or sauna while pregnant? How did you feel? Please share your experience about your pregnancy and hot tubs by commenting below, as it could help other moms-to-be.

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