Pregnancy Facts: A Month by Month Overview

Pregnancy Facts: A Month by Month Overview

These pregnancy facts can help you determine what to expect and how to react. Over the course of your 40 week pregnancy, you will experience a lot of changes. Some of these will be physical changes, and some will be mental. In order for you to better prepare yourself for the journey, we created a month by month overview of what to expect.

First Trimester Pregnancy Facts

The first trimester of pregnancy is considered the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. That means that the first trimester is about 3 months long. So what can you expect in those months?

uterus pressure could be the reason

Month 1

The first month of your pregnancy is usually the one where you discover you are pregnant. Some women may not find out they are pregnant until the second month of pregnancy – so it really depends on your body. The major physical change in the first month of pregnancy is your hormones.

Your hormones in the first month are extremely elevated and your body is not used to these hormones. This can cause nausea, increased urination, breast/nipple tenderness, and even fatigue. One day you could be fine, and the next day your stomach is churning at just the thought of tuna.

Month 2

In the second month of your pregnancy you will typically demonstrate the same symptoms as month one. The nausea may increase to vomiting, and many women make lifestyle changes for the baby’s health. In regards to mental health, increased moodiness may occur due to the increased hormones. And some women may even experience a low sex drive.

Month 3

Good news, in the third month, your body is finally beginning to adjust to the increased hormone levels! Your appetite may return, and you may even find yourself with some pregnancy cravings. Some women may even begin to grow a little tummy. This is also the month where you will finally be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Facts

After your first trimester, the second trimester feels like a breeze. Your body has finally adjusted to the hormones, and your stomach isn’t big enough for you to begin feeling uncomfortable. Many women claim that the second trimester is the best trimester.

second trimester pregnancy facts

Month 4

Physically you are going to start feeling much better. Your hormones have stabilized and your appetite has likely returned. You may feel a little heartburn as the uterus grows upward towards the stomach. Your energy will likely increase and you might even get back your sex drive.

Mentally, get ready because the fourth month is where a lot of things can happen. The baby is finally big enough for you to really begin to have a little bump. And you may even begin to feel the baby moving around. Not only that, but you also can have your ultrasound around this time. Your first picture of your new baby!

Month 5

In terms of pregnancy facts – your uterus is the size of a cantaloupe. That means that most women gain between 5 and 15 pounds by this time. Your increasing uterus means you will begin to have a larger appetite, your heart will have to work a little bit harder, and you might get a little bit of constipation.

“Pregnancy brain,” is a fancy term for forgetfulness, and it usually kicks in around this time. Just don’t forget that this is the month where your doctor can determine the baby’s gender.

Month 6

Ok, we are closing in on the end of the second trimester. It took a lot of energy and time to get to this point, but you are almost in the home stretch. This means that it is crunch time. The baby is going to start growing incredibly rapidly at this point, so you may gain some weight – about a pound a week. Your stomach will start to grow bigger, and that may mean stretch marks. Because of this extra weight, you may also get some leg cramps, and even hemorrhoids. Take time to rest, you are growing a baby!

Third Trimester Pregnancy Facts

The last trimester of pregnancy is both physically and emotionally draining. Try not to lose hope, your new baby is almost here. But just to prepare you in the meantime, here are some pregnancy facts for the last three months.

maternity leave activities to do before and after baby arrives

Month 7

In the seventh month your baby is starting to get ready for life. They will begin moving around and you could even see a little hand or foot on your tummy. While this is amazing, it can also be a little uncomfortable, especially when you are trying to sleep. Everyday tasks may become more difficult as your stomach grows and your muscles fatigue easier. You may even get Braxton-Hicks contractions at this point. According to What to Expect, Braxton-Hicks are when “Your uterine muscles are flexing in preparation for the big job they’ll have to do in the near future.”

Your whole body is changing so it is not uncommon to experience: headaches, heartburn, backaches and shortness of breath. Your uterus is growing and pushing on all the surrounding organs, so you may also have to pee more frequently.

Month 8

At this point, your baby is almost fully developed and is now preparing to come into the world. This means that you may begin to feel more pressure in your pelvic region and Braxton-Hicks contractions may increase. All of the other fun things that come in the third trimester are still there, but don’t give up you are almost to the end.

Month 9

Your due date is likely just around the corner, but don’t be surprised if it comes and goes uneventfully. Just be patient, your body and your doctor know what is best, so be sure to stay up-to-date with those appointments. Sleep may be a little hard to come back at this point, but your breathing might be easier. This is because the baby is settling into the pelvic region relieving the pressure on your lungs.

Mentally your “nesting” instincts are going to kick in. You may find yourself incredibly tired one moment and ready to clean the entire house the next. Your mind is just preparing for the arrival of a new family member. Embrace those instincts.

Your Postpartum Body

Yay! The baby is here. Not only is your entire life now changed, but so has your body. If you are breastfeeding you get to look forward to all the changes that come with breastfeeding. And even if you aren’t breastfeeding, your body is still in recovery. Labor is a long and intensive process and now your body is dealing with the sudden changes. It can be a long and painful journey to full recovery, but it doesn’t have to be.


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We hope that this guide of pregnancy facts has helped you to prepare and know what the road ahead looks like. Pregnancy is both terrifying and amazing at the same time. We want to be there to help.

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