Preventing and Treating a Cold During Pregnancy

Preventing and Treating a Cold During Pregnancy

Aside from morning sickness and your occasional heartburn, being pregnant is a pretty blissful time for most women...until you catch a dreaded cold! Taking medicine can be harmful during the first trimester and breathing with a big belly pushing up against your lungs is hard enough without having to deal with a stuffy nose, coughing and sneezing.

Here are some tips for preventing and treating a cold during pregnancy.

1. Eat Healthy

Having a healthy diet during your pregnancy is a great idea in general. The foods we consume have everything to do with how our bodies function. So even though it's ok to indulge in your occasional cravings, make healthy food choices to maintain your immune system strong.

2. Wash Your Hands

It may seem a little paranoid, but germs are everywhere! Although our bodies are built to reject most of the common germs out there, there’s always a chance for something gross to makes its way through and get you sick. Washing your hands with antibacterial soap often is a great preventative measure to stay healthy. You can also keep antibacterial hand wipes in your purse to avoid having to go to the bathroom even more than you already do.

3. Avoid Crowded Places

Ok, so this doesn't mean you should become a germaphobic hermit, it just means that you should consider keeping your interaction with really large crowds at bay. Lots of people together in one place make the environment less controlled and in turn increase your odds of catching some yucky cold.

4. Take Prenatal Vitamins

Yes, prenatal vitamins are very important when you're pregnant. Not only do they help your developing fetus grow strong, but they also help mom stay healthy. These vitamins have come a long way too. No longer do you have to take gigantic and stinky prenatal vitamins. Today's vitamins are smaller and often have no scent or a subtle vanilla coating to make taking them way easier than it used to be.

5. Exercise

Exercising during your pregnancy can be a great way to stay healthy. You will feel great, your body will remain active and your strength will continue to build as your belly grows heavier. Of course, you should always consult with your Doctor about your exercise routines since every woman is unique.

If You Catch a Cold

It’s true that our efforts to avoid a cold can fail, not because we aren’t doing everything right, but simply because at times the odds are not in our favor. If you do happen to get on the cold train, here are some great tips to help you recover faster.

1. Avoid Dairy

Dairy products such as yogurt, milk and cheese are known to produce more mucus in the human body and when you have a cold the last thing you need is more mucus. Keep dairy at bay to make your recovery more comfortable.

2. Get a Facial Steamer

A face steamer can do wonders in loosening up the mucus that is clogging up your nose and throat. A little steam will provide much-needed relief and you will be breathing again in no time. An alternative to the store bought steamer is to fill a bowl with hot water and hover your face over the steaming bowl with a towel covering your head to create a "tent" effect.

3. Lots of Rest

Being that you're pregnant, you probably keep hearing people telling you to rest up, but lots of rest when you have a cold is also a great remedy. Sleeping will allow you to get much-needed rest and give your immune system a great boost to battle that pesky cold.

4. Steamy Baths or Showers

A nice, warm, steamy shower or bath will also help you relax, loosen up the mucus that is clogging your sinuses and soothe your body. Take some time to add a little aromatherapy to freshen up before facing the day.

5. Face Massage

As odd as this sounds, gently massaging your face around the sinuses can provide extraordinary relief when you have a cold. Simply use your fingertips with a light tapping motion around your nose, eyebrows and cheek bones.

Staying healthy and preventing a cold during pregnancy doesn't have to be a challenge. Just keep these handy tips in mind and do your best to maintain your immune system strong. Always consult with your Doctor about matters concerning your health and the health of your baby.

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 08, 2016
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