9 Things to Expect at the Hospital During Stages of Labor (#7 is pretty obvious)

9 Things to Expect at the Hospital During Stages of Labor (#7 is pretty obvious)

What to Expect When In Labor at the Hospital

The day has come. You’re ready to travel to the hospital because you're in one of the stages of labor and you feel that you're ready to give birth.

So, are you prepared enough for the experience? Do you even know what to expect once you've arrived at the facility?

If you don’t, there's no need to worry. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, so there isn’t anything unanswered.

This list explains what to expect when you arrive at the hospital while experiencing the stages of labor.

1. You’ll enter the hospital and check into the maternity unit.

Most women go through the main entrance to the maternity unit. If you’re already in labor, you may be wheeled to the right department by a hospital attendant or family member.

Pregnant woman receiving ultrasound treatment in hospital

2. You’ll fill out the paperwork ahead of time or when you check-in depending on the hospital.

Some hospitals allow you to save time by checking in prior to actually arriving at the hospital. More importantly, they have your information on file so all you have to do is state your name, and you’ll be taken to the birthing area.

3. You may be taken to an exam room.

Expect some physical examination.

This gives the nurse on duty a chance to check you e.g. which of the stages of labor you're in, before determining the next course of action.

4. You’re placed in a birthing room and assigned a labor and delivery nurse.

nurse stages of labor

Your labor and delivery nurse will assist you with whatever you need while you’re in labor and in the process of delivering your child.

5. If you’re in labor, you’ll be asked to submit a urine sample and get changed into a hospital gown.

That way, tests can be run and you’ll be comfortable and ready to see the doctor.

6. Your vitals will be checked and questions will be asked.

Common questions: your due date & contractions

Any abnormalities are reported to your doctor who will further examine you.

Side view of Caucasian male doctor doing ultrasound scan for pregnant woman in hospital

7. You’ll also be asked how much the baby is moving, your level of comfort, and whether you’ve eaten or drank anything recently.

In any of the stages of labor, you'll be asked a few questions. This helps hospital staff prepare to tend to your individual needs one by one.

8. Determine how often you’re having contractions and take down information about the baby’s heart rate.

Monitor your contractions.

It gives the nurse an idea of how quickly the baby plans on arriving.

9. An abdominal and vaginal exam will be given.

It helps the medical professional learn the placement of the baby. A portable ultrasound machine determines the position of the child. That way, you’ll have fewer issues when delivering the baby.

These are the things to expect when you arrive at the hospital and have been examined. Once any of the stages of labor starts, it’s important to ensure that the medical staff knows of your birth plan. If a doula or midwife is part of the process, they’ll be allowed to enter the room with you.

stages of labor at the hospital

You may experience a blood draw or even be given an IV depending on your condition. As with any patient, your needs are personal. Your plan of care will then be individualized to make sure that both you and your baby are as comfortable as possible.

Knowing what to expect once you arrive at the hospital helps ease your nerves and prepare you for the birthing process. It puts you in control and leaves fewer questions unanswered. You’re able to focus on delivering your child calmly and confidently and then direct your attention on ways to recover safely.

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Now that you've learned what to expect when you arrive at the hospital while in labor, are you still feeling anxious about the birthing process?

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