Ways to Find Rest During Newborn Stage

Ways to Find Rest During Newborn Stage

Let’s be honest, having a baby isn’t as easy and comfortable as the media would like us to believe. You see these beautiful girls in commercials having babies looking flawless and snatched after delivering their baby and it is simply not true. Having a baby is hard work for your body and your mind. You made it through labor and all the pain throughout it and now what?

There is this little human that you and your partner need to take care of but how can you survive this stage of chaos?

You might experience pain, swelling, and more after you give birth and all you want to do is rest but a baby needs attention 24/7 a day. Being a mother and away from your baby isn’t as easy as it is for fathers. So you are there around your child all the time breastfeeding, changing diapers, calming it when it cries and you think all I want to do is sleep but it seems impossible.

If you wanna know how to survive the newborn stage then you are at the right place.

What is The Newborn Stage?

The newborn stage is the phase from birth to two or three months after. Your baby may start to smile, raise their head, take objects and follow objects with their eyes. This stage is hard for most mothers as it is right after labor when their own body is sore and might be swollen and they need to take care of the baby. As the baby has to get used to living outside of the womb it is a whole new world for them and it takes a while to get into a rhythm with your baby. The stress is understandable and there are ways to make this stage a little easier.

Ways to Survive the Newborn Stage

  • Think About Having The Crib Next to Your Bed

If your baby wakes up at night you want to calm it down right away and not run around the house first. Having your baby close can help to get your baby to sleep better as well, as it is close to you and your partner.

Think about taking turns with who wakes up to check on the baby and who gets to sleep in.

  • Expect to Feed The Baby Around The Clock

Babies need to eat around the clock so waking up at night to a crying baby won’t be a rarity. Prepare yourself to make that easier and quicker for you. After a while, you can also ask your partner to take over and feed pumped breast milk to get more sleep for yourself. It’s teamwork after all.

  • Ask Your Doctor for Help if Breastfeeding Hurts

Breastfeeding might be a little uncomfortable at first but shouldn’t cause pain. Try to reposition your baby to see if the pain eases. Otherwise, consult a doctor as this might have different reasons.

  • Take Naps When Your Baby Naps

As your sleep schedule might be all kinds of messed up after giving birth and your baby might not let you sleep through the night, you should sleep and take naps whenever your baby does. As you will need the rest for yourself.

  • Get YOU Time in

It sounds silly but making time just for yourself is actually incredibly important to survive the newborn stage. With all the new things happening around you and your body trying to recover, rest and some time away are needed. Ask family or your partner to lend a hand with your baby. As always it is not selfish to take time for yourself. Recharging and getting your time in should be on your daily schedule. Your body just worked really hard and might be sore and swollen after labor, hormones change and feelings are all over. Do whatever you feel like you need during that time of day that you have to yourself.

  • Check-in With Your Feelings

Many women are affected by postpartum depression which can go undetected for a while. Check-in with how you are feeling. A new baby means a new routine, new tasks, and a new schedule that you have to figure out yet. It can make you feel angry, frustrated, and even lonely sometimes. Talk to someone you trust, that might be your partner, a parent, or a friend, and tell them how you feel. Sharing emotions is good for your soul and might take some of the weight off your shoulders. Talking about your problems can reduce stress which makes it easier to rest at night. If you think you might suffer from postpartum depression, call your doctor or a therapist to get the help you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and speak honestly about what you are feeling and experiencing. It’s different for everyone and you are not alone.

  • Split the work with your partner

As this is a team effort, let your partner do tasks like changing diapers, cleaning, cooking, laundry, waking up at night to get a bottle, etc. Mothers often feel like they are responsible for everything but it is completely acceptable to let your partner do half of the work. Many tasks around the house might feel like too much for you after labor and can be easily done by your partner.

When does the newborn stage end?

It’s hard to answer when your child gets easier but usually around three months your baby will get used to a routine and things might seem less impossible. As the baby grows it won’t need food every hour and can also sleep longer during the night.


It won’t be easy to get rest during the newborn stage but there is light at the end of the tunnel and things will get better. Having a new baby is always hard at first as you still have to establish a schedule and rhythm around the baby. It is therefore important that you take care of your own body as well. Getting enough rest might look like asking someone to watch the baby for a few hours or letting your partner help with chores.

It will be hard but everything will work out in the end.

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 02, 2021
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