Benefits of Postpartum Massages

Benefits of Postpartum Massages

Having a massage anytime is both relaxing and helps with tension release. Who doesn’t love a good massage?

Getting a postpartum massage is equally as relaxing and very beneficial for relaxation, pampering, and healing alike. After giving birth, a new mother definitely deserves a soothing massage that will also lend to many benefits as well.

Within the first twelve weeks postpartum, a massage has shown to be an excellent way for some much-needed healing for the women, and here is why.

What are the Benefits?

First and foremost, like any great massage, a postpartum massage will help ease the muscles that have been worked and overworked both during pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, a postpartum massage will also alleviate tension and lift your mood.

Like any body massage, having a massage postpartum will relax and destress your body and mind and will release pain in your muscles.

If a new mother is looking to get a massage, you will need to make sure the masseuse knows that you have given birth. There are some reasons, like having a cesarean delivery, then a postpartum massage may not be safe, so make sure to consult your doctor as well.

On top of all these incredible benefits, and why so many love a good massage, there are some more specific benefits, especially for postpartum massage.

Hormone Regulation

Body massages and physical touch may help regulate hormone imbalances. A woman who has just given birth will still have extreme shifts in her hormone levels which in turn makes her body do a bunch of odd things. A body massage can help return balance to your hormones. Plus, essential oils and scented lotions can also help increase your mood.

Reduce Swelling

A massage can also help reduce swelling in the body that generally occurs when a woman is pregnant and even increasingly so after labor. Having a massage can help with circulating fluids that cause swelling within the body. This will, in turn, allow a new mother to be more comfortable in their body, especially after some significant physical changes.

Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Muscle massages and essential oils also are beneficial in helping to reduce both depression and anxiety. For a new mother, these emotions may also be heightened, and a massage is an excellent way to help keep these stressors at bay.

Increase Milk Production

It has been shown that having a massage can also help increase milk production for new mothers. This may also have to do with improved hormone imbalances. Some mothers have trouble with milk production, and added stress may also hinder this process. A massage could help improve milk supply for a variety of reasons.

Increase Sleep Quality

A massage will also allow your body to relax and, in turn, help you get a better night's sleep. A new mother will likely struggle with getting efficient sleep, a reality of parenting, but if a massage can help you have better sleep, that is definitely a great reason to try.

Uterus Contraction

Getting a specific uterus massage has also shown some benefits in helping to reduce the size of a woman's uterus after giving birth. This process, however, should only be performed by professionals and should be discussed with your doctor beforehand.

When do I get a Postpartum Massage?

If you receive a specific postpartum massage, it is generally within the first twelve weeks after a mother has given birth. Some mothers feel more ready after a few weeks, and others will enjoy a light massage the day after childbirth; it all depends on how you and your body are feeling. There is no exact time recommended, and both can be highly beneficial.

There are, however, some exceptions; if a new mom gave birth via cesarean, then there are a few more things to consider. Generally, after having a c-section, you will want to wait a short period for your scars to heal, so we advise you to speak to a doctor prior to getting a massage.

Many new moms will get a massage numerous times following their pregnancy. The frequency of getting your massages is also a personal preference, some like to have massages consistently, and others enjoy a few sporadic massage sessions. No matter how often, you are likely to enjoy some of the benefits of getting a postpartum massage.

What should I expect with my Postpartum Massage?

A massage is an experience set up for the client, and so it should be set up to how you are going to enjoy the occasion best. Like other massages, you may want to have a massage in the comfort of your home, mainly to keep your newborn baby close by, or you may wish for the time to get out of the house and have some alone time.

After carrying a baby and giving birth, your body will feel different, and maybe specific areas will need more or less attention. All these details and preferences can be discussed with your massage therapist so that you are sure to have the best possible experience.

There are different styles of massage that are appropriate for postpartum massage; both deep tissue or a lighter relaxing massage will be helpful, and all depends on a mother's preference. There are also some women who enjoy foot reflexology as well, especially after having a lot of weight and pressure on their feet and back throughout the nine-month pregnancy.

A postpartum massage, similar to any other massage experience, should be calming and therapeutic, so it is up to you to find a peaceful space and type of massage that you like best.

Satisfaction of Postpartum Massages

Postpartum massages are an excellent way for new mothers to unwind, reduce tension in their bodies, and help to slowly get back to normal. For new moms, getting a massage can help with physical benefits as well as getting back to feeling more like you.

Another way to help boost your confidence and get used to your new body after giving birth is to try wearing one of our girdles. There are many different styles to choose from that help shape your body after birth and are explicitly designed for new mothers.

Giving birth is challenging and puts a lot of pressure on a woman's body. A new mother deserves to relax and to look and feel her best, especially after carrying a baby.

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