What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

From the moment you go into labor you want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible for giving birth! Moreover, a great way to make sure you’re ready for the first day is know what to pack in your hospital bag. Follow this checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything for yourself, your partner and your precious new arrival.


Packing Checklist For You

  • Comfortable shoes to wear around the hospital. Flip flops, slip-on flats or sturdy slippers are great choices.
  • Socks to wear in bed and around your room. Warm, cushy and comfortable socks are great for comfort. However, if you can find a pair with some kind of traction on the soles, that may be useful as well.
  • Hospital clothes. This includes pajamas, your own hospital gown, underwear, nursing bra and a robe. Also make sure to bring anything else that might help you feel more comfortable.
  • Personal care items. This includes maxi pads, a hairbrush, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste. Don’t forget hair ties and other hygiene or cosmetic items will help you feel clean and refreshed.
  • Personal comfort items. This could be your phone or tablet loaded with your favorite music. Also bring important family keepsakes you want to keep with you as you push or have your c-section.
  • Going home outfit. Pack comfortable stretchy pants or skirt, nursing bra, underwear, socks and shoes.

Packing Checklist For Your Partner

husband packing hospital baghusband packing hospital bag
  • Partner support gear. This includes the birth plan instructions, snacks, a playlist of your favorite songs. Don’t forget phone or tablet chargers and anything else that your partner should take care of.
  • Comfortable hospital clothes. Clothes your partner can feel good in even if it’s necessary to sleep in a cramped hospital chair.
  • Personal care items. Don’t forget the toothbrush and toothpaste, haircare and other items for an overnight trip.
  • Personal entertainment items. Bring books, movies on a laptop, podcasts on a device with Bluetooth speakers . Bring anything else your partner or you may want if you’re waiting a while.
  • Going home outfit. Include a change of underwear, socks, pants and shirt.
  • Cash. It’s always helpful to have an extra stash of cash for cafeteria, vending machine or gift shop runs.

Packing Checklist For Your Baby

  • Receiving blanket. Pack a versatile blanket (or two) for your first official swaddling and nursing attempts.
  • Nursing pillow. Bring your nursing pillow so you can get used to using it right away.
  • Hat, onesies and mittens. Bring a warm newborn hat, 1-2 newborn onesies for use at the hospital and scratch mittens.
  • Diapers and wipes, Bring a stash of the diaper and wipes brand you plan to use at home.
  • Going home outfit. Include a fresh going-home onesie and socks plus seasonally appropriate clothing such as a warmer hat and a blanket for the carrier.
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Cynthia Suarez

  • Aug 31, 2017
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