With my first pregnancy I had Diastasis recti pretty badly

With my first pregnancy I had Diastasis recti pretty badly

Hi my name is Faith and I had a baby two weeks ago today.

With my first pregnancy I had Diastasis recti pretty badly. I had done abdominal exercises for breathing, I had done the head tilts and nothing seemed to be able to close the gap.

I went into my second pregnancy 22 months later knowing that I had diastasis recti and did not want it to get any worse. So I was looking for a product that would help close the gap. I came across Bellefit! I read the reviews, I loved it, I ordered it and it came right away.

I started wearing it the day after I came out of the hospital and it is THE most amazing product I have ever come across in my life! It has made such a huge difference! I am back in my pre-pregnancy clothes 2 weeks after delivering my son.

It basically is a garment, it closes in the middle, and it goes all the way underneath, it goes all the way underneath and comes up to right about my bra line. It is the most comfortable garment that I've worn, I can wear it all the time, I do, I wear it 24 hours a day unless I'm washing it.


Bellefit is a product that I firmly believe in, my family and friends cant get over how amazing my stomach is considering how bad it was after my first pregnancy. It is a product that I strongly and firmly believe in, it is a product I will recommend to anyone I know who will ever deliver a child. It is absolutely amazing and I thank you so much Bellefit!

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Founded in 2008 Bellefit® is the most mom-trusted and awarded brand of postpartum girdles & corsets for recovery after c-section or natural childbirth. Bellefit® girdles come in five designs made using proprietary compression fabrics. Their unique design features triple-layered reinforced front and back support panels.

As a woman-owned company, Bellefit® is no stranger to the challenges new moms face during and after pregnancy. The company helps women feel supported and confident in their changing bodies.

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 11, 2016
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