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Bellefit Girdles

If you want to know which postpartum girdle is best, Bellefit ® is an option that provides comfort and support. The after birth girdle selection featured here is constructed with care and meant to provide an excellent experience for the women who choose to buy a girdle and waist trainer. Perfect for c-section recovery as well as compression and lymphatic drainage, a c section girdle prevents symptoms from worsening by promoting healing in a well-constructed and supportive garment that can be worn after pregnancy.

The C-Section Recovery Option You Hoped For

Will a girdle help after pregnancy? The answer is “Yes, tremendously.” If you want to protect and support the incision you received as a result of your c-section, a corset for postpartum helps. It prevents sutures from breaking, the wound from eviscerating, and the c-section incision from becoming irritated or infected due to the change in movement that has suddenly occurred. It’s the undergarment that has helped women recover from surgery safely, effectively, and efficiently for years.

Stimulating the Lymphatic System with a Girdle and Waist Trainer

A Bellefit ® girdle is designed to stimulate the lymphatic system which removes fluid and toxins from the body. Considered internal ‘sweepers,’ lymph nodes rely on movement from muscles to help the flushing process to occur. When the lymph nodes are able to do their job, women notice less swelling in their bodies. Compressing the abdomen and uterus with postpartum girdles accelerates healing and the amount of time it takes new mothers to recover after having their babies.

Diminishing Diastasis Recti with Postpartum Girdles

Abdominal muscle separation, known as Diastasis Recti, is remedied in two ways. The first is through basic abdominal exercises that can be done daily. The second is by wearing an after pregnancy girdle. Both provide adequate support for women who plan to lift and carry their child and other objects after giving birth. The combination of exercise and a Bellefit ® postpartum girdle gives women the core strength needed to prevent injuries from happening.

Bellefit Girdles

Other Symptoms

Some of the other symptoms that our after birth girdles help
with includes:

Pendulous Abdomen

The pelvic floor and abdominal wall experience weakness due to a condition called pendulous abdomen. The uterus tips forward and causes difficulties in future childbirth deliveries. Babies have difficulty making the journey down the birth canal as a result of this condition.

Frequent Urination

After delivering a child, one of the symptoms new mothers experience is frequent urination. Designed with comfort in mind, our after pregnancy girdles have a hooked flap that allows women to reach the groin area without taking the Bellefit ® girdle off. Being able to clean and dry the perineum area easily is something that women who have delivered recently appreciate. It allows them to address after birth discharge discreetly and quickly.

Lower Back Pain

Improved posture helps reduce back pain. A corset for postpartum reduces uterus swelling by providing support and compression in the abdomen and lumbar areas of the body.

Postpartum women are able to recover faster after giving birth by wearing the special undergarment.

Knowing which postpartum girdle is best for you depends on your personal needs and preferences. We offer a range of options in different sizes to accommodate your body. Choose from the Dual Closure Girdle, Bellefit Corset, Corset Thong, Girdle with Side Zipper, and Girdle Pull-Up.

Each has specific features that maximize comfort and provide accessibility without the need to be removed. Many options are appropriate for women who have had a c-section or natural birth while others are best for mothers who gave birth naturally.