With My Girdle I Was Able to Sit Right up in Bed and Had No Trouble Moving around

With My Girdle I Was Able to Sit Right up in Bed and Had No Trouble Moving around

I’m a first time mom and I knew that being pregnant takes a big toll on your body and I wanted to make sure I gave my body the best opportunity to recover as quickly as possible. So I started researching for postpartum girdles and I discovered the Bellefit online and compared it with multiple other products and everything that I found online supported that the Bellefit was the best product for my recovery.

“I’ve been wearing it now for seven weeks and I continually get compliments on how small my stomach is and how I look almost back to pre-pregnancy size.”

“I found its incredibly helpful in supporting my posture and when I first came home from the hospital, when I didn’t have it on I had a really difficult time getting up out of bed and things like that because my muscles were just so stretched and taxed from being pregnant for nine months. When I wore the Bellefit I noticed I was able to sit right up in bed and had no trouble moving around because it gave me that added support that I was lacking from my muscles being stretched out for so long. So I would highly recommend the Bellefit to all of my friends who are considering pregnancy and are going to want to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape quickly as possible.

I also had an incredible experience with the customer service at Bellefit, I was very inquisitive about the product and wanted to make sure that I ordered the right size. I sent an email to them with questions and they got back to me literally within two hours and then replied again with more questions and again got back to me so quickly, I was amazed at how fast their customer service was in giving me the answers that I needed in order to make sure that I purchased the right girdle for my needs.

I would definitely recommend Bellefit to any mom considering a postpartum girdle because it really has made a huge difference and gives me the support I’ve needed in order to lose weight and feel more confident about my shape when I’m wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes which I’m back in to most of them already. So, yeah, definitely give it a try.

The only thing I regret is not buying the two for one right away with the size down because now my Bellefit girdle, I’m happy to say, is already loose on me and I’m going to be purchasing the next size down to continue with my recovery.”

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 25, 2016
  • Category: News
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