Comforting Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

Comforting Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be complicated when your list includes getting a gift for that special someone who is pregnant. It’s always best to consider that although she is already expecting her own amazing gift, (her baby, of course); giving her a heart-warming and sincere gift is a great way to show her you care. To guide you along the way, we’ve gathered a list of the most comforting pregnancy gift ideas.

Spa Packages

Every woman loves a visit to the Spa where she can indulge in a soothing pregnancy massage, a relaxing foot rub and even a stylish Mani-Pedi. Your options for this gift can vary from a Home Spa kit that she can use in the comfort of her own home, to a Gift Certificate for a Spa package where she will get pampered with minimal effort from her part.

Pregnancy Beauty Products


During pregnancy, women can go through periods of dry skin, acne flares and the much dreaded – stretch marks. There are many lines of Pregnancy Skin Care products in a varying range of prices to fit any budget. This is a simple gift that can provide her much comfort for an extended period of time.

Pregnancy Pillows


If you have ever seen a pregnant woman trying to get comfortable to sleep, you know that a regular pillow is just not enough. A pregnancy pillow, although big and bulky, can be the most amazing gift she will ever receive. These pillows are designed to contour around a pregnant woman’s body and provide maximum support and comfort.

Cleaning Service


One of the things that women need the most help with can be the most overlooked and basic tasks of her daily life, especially when she is reaching her due date and her nesting instinct kicks in. What better way to show her you care than with the gift of a cleaning service? There are a number of national, reputable cleaning services that offer gift certificates and can make her life easier when she needs it most.

Gift Cards for ANYTHING

There are a lot of things that a pregnant woman can find comfort in and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out exactly what they are. Be her hero by enabling her to delight in the things she loves most with a Gift Card that she can use anywhere and for anything. How can you go wrong with that

Pregnancy Books


You may think that because a woman is pregnant, she might already have everything figured out, however, learning about their pregnancy is something that women love to do. You can find a number of great and very resourceful pregnancy books online and at your local bookstore. This is a great gift that she will appreciate and use for her entire pregnancy.

Babymoon Getaway


Parents-to-be spend a lot of time preparing for the arrival of their baby, but they can really benefit from spending some time just enjoying each other’s company and relaxing in a Babymoon. There are a variety of options to fit your budget that can be either local staycations or involving a little bit of travel. A Babymoon getaway will give the mom-to-be a much-needed break before she joins the busy club that is parenting.

Motherhood Comedies


There is something extremely comforting and therapeutic about laughter, especially when what you are laughing at are things that you can relate to. The world is filled with hilarious mom comedies, which can provide a very entertaining insight into motherhood for expectant moms. Give the gift of laughter!

Postpartum Comfort Kit

This is one of those things that most people don’t think about, yet comforting a new mom after she’s given birth to her baby can be priceless. A Postpartum comfort kit can include useful items such as a gift certificate for a postpartum recovery girdle, lip balm and stretch mark lotions, a comfy bathrobe, a pair of cozy slippers, a parenting magazine and even a delicious treat such as fruit or chocolate for mom to indulge in. You can be creative and put a kit together yourself or purchase a kit that includes a variety of these items with all the work already done for you.

Maternity Photo Session


There is a very unique glow that women effortlessly achieve during pregnancy. Look into photography studios or professional photographers in her area who will capture her grace during pregnancy and provide her the lasting memory.

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