Your Baby's Gender: to Know or Not to Know

Your Baby's Gender: to Know or Not to Know

There was a time when the thought of finding out the gender of a baby before they were born was unfathomable. Yet with today's technology, you can get a clear snapshot of your baby's face in just a few minutes. So needless to say, we've come a long way.
Still, many parents struggle with the decision of whether to find out or not, so lets take a look at the why's and why-not's of finding out your baby's gender.

The Pros of Knowing

The most common reasons for parents finding out the gender of their babies while pregnant are simple:

  • If you know your baby’s gender ahead of time, you can plan ahead.
  • You can get started with choosing a name for your little one which is often one of the most challenging decisions a parent must make.
  • You can also decide on the decor of your baby’s room and the color choices of all the gear you want to purchase ahead of time.
knowing your baby's gender before they are born
Finding out your baby’s gender before he or she is born can allow you to decorate the nursery based on gender.

The Pros of Not Knowing

The most common reasons for parents to NOT find out the gender of their babies while pregnant are just as simple:

  • If you wait, when your baby is born you will experience the joy of surprise.
  • You won’t have to have that extra ultrasound when you already have so many others planned.
  • You can skip over all the gender biased decorations and colors and instead choose more gender neutral decorations.
Waiting to find out your baby's gender at birth.
Waiting to find out your baby’s gender , you can paint the nursery a gender neutral color.

Both sides make great points.

To know which decision is right for you, consider which reasoning from above you can relate to the most. There is no right or wrong choice only the choice that is right for you.

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 11, 2016
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