Belly Bandage vs Body Shaper – Which is Best After Pregnancy?

For new moms, life after baby can be a rude awakening, introducing unfamiliar stressors to an otherwise routine lifestyle. Around-the-clock feedings, lack of sleep, diaper changes and a crying baby are just a few of the adjustments parents face the moment baby is born. With such a major life change, the last thing mom needs (or wants) to worry about is her post-pregnancy body, diastasis recti or, even worse, a painful C-section incision.

Any mom who has been there has wished for something that could make it all just a bit easier.

If you’ve never seen what a body shaper can do, picture, well, just about every celebrity you’ve seen on TV. Those smooth, flawless figures don’t happen without a little bit of help. These tight-fitting undergarments work by compressing problem areas and eliminating the appearance of flab, cellulite and extra fat. Body shapers offer:
  • A stretchable, comfortable fit;
  • Various colors, shapes and sizes;
  • A toned appearance;
  • Options for men;
  • Affordability.


Body shapers shown above smooth and minimize, but do not support a postpartum body.

The belly bandage, on the other hand, is designed with pregnancy in mind, offering back support during pregnancy for a better night’s sleep. Some are even designed specifically to give extra support as baby – and belly – grows throughout the months.  Not only that; using a belly bandage during pregnancy:
  • Allows many women to wear normal clothes longer, by covering up unzipped or unbuttoned pants.
  • Alleviates the discomfort associated with the many changes that rapidly occur in nine months.
  • Provides gentle compression to help support the uterus during physical activity.
  • Encourages correct posture.
  • Offers continued benefits after birth by assisting in closing the gap between the abdominal muscles.

Taking Belly Support One Step Further

woman wearing girdle corsetBelly Bands are certainly great products that serve a viable purpose. They build confidence in those who need it, while offering comfort and support. Bellefit Maternity, however, has taken this concept one step further. The Bellefit Postpartum Girdle provides the benefits of both a belly bandage and a body shaper for women who have recently given birth.

Wearing a Bellefit C-Section Recovery Corset or Dual-Closure Girdle offers protection and support to the C-section incision. It simultaneously compresses the abdominal area and uterus to help reduce swelling due to fluid retention.

Those suffering from diastasis recti can find comfort with a postpartum girdle. This is because it offers core strength and stability for lifting and carrying. Many women have found lower back pain relief since the Bellefit Postpartum Girdle is designed to support and compress the abdominal and lumbar regions. This results in improved posture and a faster recovery. Belly Bandage After Pregancy Robyn began wearing her Bellefit Dual Closure Girdle the day she delivered her son. She wore it 24 hours a day for the first six weeks. Not only did the corset keep her posture straight and allow her to carry her son with ease, but it allowed her to sit more comfortably, easing discomfort in her back – and after nine hours of back labor, that was an important feature. She was amazed by the positive comments she received about her appearance post-pregnancy. “I received many compliments on how quickly I was getting my pre-pregnancy body back,” Robyn said.

“I felt good about my appearance immediately after putting the corset on and that was the best part. Four days after giving birth I was able to wear normal jeans! The results were undeniable.”


Watch Robyn’s Video Testimonial

Robyn has since given birth to her second son, another natural labor that left her with painful cramping as her uterus returned to its natural size. She found that using the Bellefit Postpartum Girdle was the only thing to offer relief. “I was actually able to feed him comfortably, without pain while wearing it, so I wore it 24/7 for the first three months after giving birth,” she said.

The extra support even allowed her to help out when the family moved just 20 days after giving birth!

The active mom said it was the compression and support that also allowed her to quickly get back into running and playing soccer within a month-and-a-half of giving birth. The benefits are endless when it comes to the support a postpartum girdle can offer, but choose the product carefully to ensure not only short-term results, but long-term confidence.

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