C-Section Definition and Information

While you might know of it as the most popular alternative to natural birth, you might not know what C-section is exactly. During a c-section, your baby will be born through an incision in your abdomen; this is the c-section incision.

C-Section Definition

“Bikini Cut” C-Section Incision Your obstetrician will probably use a low, transverse incision during the surgery.

  • Sometimes called a “bikini cut,” the incision will be well below your belly button.
  • You will be able to wear a bikini without showing your scar! This is the most common type of incision. In contrary, during an emergency women have other types of incisions.

C-Sections & Emergency C-Sections

  • A vertical incision is sometimes used during emergency c-sections.
  • This is the “up and down” cut that many people picture when they imagine a c-section.
  • This allows the doctors to get your baby out faster, which is important during an emergency.

Many women have their babies by Cesarean section, or c-section. A c-section can be a life-saving procedure when it’s necessary.

C-Section Planning

c-section definition and information
Planned C-Sections have been on the rise for many decades.

Some c-sections are planned in advance for many reasons.

  • Obstetricians often plan c-sections when a baby is not in a head-down position for birth.
  • Perhaps you have a high-risk pregnancy or carrying multiple babies. These are also possible reasons for scheduling a c-section.

At the same time, these situations are not a guarantee that you will have a c-section. It really depends on the decisions you make with your doctor/midwife. Many c-sections are unplanned, especially for first-time mothers.

You may be at risk for a c-section if:

  •  Your baby is in distress
  •  If his or her heart rate is too high or too low
  •  If your labor is progressing too slowly

Doctors vary in their thinking on these issues, but all obstetricians are trained as surgeons, so they tend to be quite comfortable with surgical birth.

For Some Women, The Fear of Pain During labor and Birth is Truly Frightening.

Sometimes it seems like scheduling a c-section might be easier than going through the messy details of labor! Be careful with this approach.

  • A woman’s body is designed to give birth. The process is not the same for each mother and sometimes hospital staff expects every mother to give birth in very similar ways.
  • When this happens, a woman may end up with unnecessary surgery. At the same time, c-sections can save lives.
  • When it is medically necessary, a c-section can prevent brain damage or death in the baby. A c-section can also save a mother’s life by preventing hemorrhaging or prolonged bleeding.

C-Section is a Major Abdominal Surgery

A c-section is major abdominal surgery, the recovery can be a painful and long process. Most women experience pain at the site of their incisions, and it may take them longer to return to their pre-pregnancy shape.

The area around the c section’s incision will be a bit inflamed for several weeks as the body heals and repairs the tissue.

Does Wearing a Postpartum Girdle After a C-Section Help?

One of the best ways to ease your discomfort after a c-section is to use an abdominal binder or compression girdle.

  • Some OB/GYNs will recommend them to new moms when a c-section has been scheduled.
  • Compression is a post-operative option for many types of surgery because it speeds the healing process.
  • By increasing circulation to the area under compression, the damaged tissues experience a better immune response and receive more blood, nutrients, and oxygen.

Abdominal Binders come in All Shapes and Sizes – Bellefit has 5 Styles designed for

  • Specific body types.
  • Vaginal deliveries and c-sections.

Best Postpartum Girdles for Recovery After C-Section

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According to Bellefit reviews, wearing an abdominal binder

  1. Speeds healing.
  2. It also supports the lower back by holding in the abdominal wall.
  3. This improves a woman’s posture. Which can be very poor during the initial postpartum period.

Bellefit offers a medical grade compression garment that is perfect for women who have had c-sections.

Sometimes the pain associated with recovery can interfere with establishing successful breastfeeding, too. Although there are a few situations in which c-sections can’t be avoided it’s best to try to prevent the surgery. Allow your body to give birth the way nature intended.

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