What is a Post Pregnancy Girdle?

Women wearing Bellefit postpartum girdles and corsets.

Do you know what a post pregnancy or postpartum girdle is?

A post pregnancy girdle is a garment that a woman wears tightly around her torso following childbirth  They should fit quite snugly around the midsection to maximize the benefits. The tightness of the garment improves posture while aiding in a faster recovery after the baby is born.

Wearing Girdles After Pregnancy

Postpartum girdles are sometimes associated with the controversial binders or corsets that women wore in the early 19th century. These extreme methods still exist, however they are very different from modern postpartum girdles. Corsets are extremely restrictive and uncomfortable. Modern girdles are designed specifically for childbirth recovery. They have evolved into comfortable, safe and easy- to-wear garments.

Photos of Women Wearing Postpartum Girdles

Benefits of Wearing a Post Pregnancy Girdle or Postpartum Girdle

The benefits of wearing girdles after pregnancy are valued in cultures all over the world. Multiple generations of women consider postpartum girdles an exceptional form of support for women recovering from both natural and C-section childbirth.

  • A maternity girdle supports and compresses the abdominal and lumbar regions when worn correctly.
  • This results in reduced uterus swelling and improved posture.
  • It also results in a significant reduction in back pain and a faster recovery.
  • The steady pressure of a postpartum girdle also expels fluids.
  • Postpartum girdles or abdominal binders allow for a safer and speedier postpartum recovery.
  • They also help women fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes more comfortably.
  • They’re able to do this much sooner than if they went through postpartum recovery without a girdle.
  • Wearing an abdominal binder after surgery, especially c-section, ensures a smoother recovery.

Learn more about postpartum girdles here and to see if wearing a post pregnancy girdle after childbirth is right for you.

Watch the video below to learn how Anella recovered with a Post Pregnancy Girdle after her Fourth Pregnancy.

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