4 Tips for a Strong Relationship During Pregnancy

4 Tips for a Strong Relationship During Pregnancy

A strong relationship is necessary for couples expecting a child. After all, things will be very different once the baby arrives. You’ll instantly have another person’s needs and feelings to consider. Developing a bond that withstands the test of time provides a strong foundation of love and support for the baby you’re bringing into the world.

Use this list to strengthen your bond and avoid a relationship breakdown during pregnancy.

1. Keep the romance alive

Top tips to avoid a relationship breakdown during pregnancy
Keeping the romance alive helps ensure a healthy pregnancy and a happier household.

It’s important to give your partner the time and attention they deserve. You can do that easily by scheduling weekly date nights and being intimate whenever possible. Although your body is changing due to the hormones and weight gain that comes with being pregnant, celebrate every glorious inch of you. Your partner likely loves the way you look and can’t get enough of seeing you pregnant.

2. Do something unexpected

Surprising your pregnant wife with flowers
Surprises, no matter how small, keep the spark alive.

Spontaneity counts for a lot. Being surprised feels great. Keep your love alive by adding an element of surprise to your partner’s day. Do something unexpected and make them feel how important they are to you. It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture. Something small and heartfelt will do the trick. Slipping a note in their wallet or gym bag is one idea. Taking them to do something they’ve always wanted to do is another. Use your imagination and come up with a list of ways to surprise your partner.

3. Communicate your wants and needs, but make sure you actively listen to your partner

Happy pregnant woman relaxing with her husband
Effective communication is key to ensuring a strong bond.

It’s not enough to be a good communicator. You also need to be an excellent listener to avoid a relationship breakdown during pregnancy. That way, you’re not doing all the talking and failing to hear what your loved one has to say. Take turns talking and show interest in what your partner has to say by giving them verbal and non-verbal confirmation of what has been said.

4. Take a trip or a short weekend getaway before you no longer can

happy pregnant woman with her husband at sunset
Enjoy some me-time with your husband before your new bundle of joy arrives!

The closer you get to your due date, the less likely you’ll be able to leave home. After all, you’ve selected a doctor and hospital to give birth at. If you’re in a different location and go into labor, you’ll be forced to rely on a stranger to help deliver your baby.

Plan a vacation or spur-of-the-moment getaway. Make it something you both enjoy thoroughly by including activities that are different than what you normally do. Take lots of pictures, and don’t forget to sleep in whenever you get the chance. When you have a baby to tend to, that will get harder to do in the future.

Your relationship automatically changes when your baby arrives. You become parents responsible for keeping a bouncing bundle of joy alive, well, and happy. That’s why it’s important that you work on strengthening the relationship you have now. You’ll be able to handle the demands on your schedule easier, be clear about whom will do what with the baby, and better prepare yourselves to be the type of role models every child deserves.

Post Pregnancy Relationship

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Do you think that it is possible to avoid relationship stress during pregnancy and build a healthier, happier bond by communicating effectively?

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